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Adamanterrapin fight.jpg

Adamanterrapin Terror

Elements [EARTH]
Enemy Size Boss
Drops Adamanterrapin (Card)
Rare Drop: Icon Crystal.png Crystal
A gigantic turtle summoned from an alternate dimension.
~ In-Game Description

[EARTH] Adamanterrapin is one of the Fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy. It is the main Boss fiend of the event Adamanterrapin Terror, but shows up as a heavy hitter in other events.

The fiend has high health and break amounts, and can hit hard, but is largely straightforward and simple in its strategy.

A special version, the Guardian Diamanterrapin, is the Earth boss for the Pleiades Lagoon, and has also appeared in the First Anniversary, Part 2. This version has a rare drop of a Icon Earth Pneuma.png Earth Pneuma, but otherwise acts the same.


Name Effect
Attack Earth Damage
Brave Brave (effect).pngBrave for 4 turns
Stoneja Deals Earth Damage twice
The earth trembles... Two Turn Attack

Extreme Earth Damage

Big Impact

Event Regions[]