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Adamanterrapin terror.jpg
Vanquish [EARTH] Adamanterrapin and become the Warrior of Light the world needs!
Receive a bevy of increasingly grand spoils as you battle your way to the top!
~ Event Description

Battle Tower: Adamanterrapin Tower is an event in Mobius Final Fantasy and the second event temporary region released in the Global version.

Event Details[]

Event Duration: August 20, 2016 - August 28, 2016

Event Type: Battling, Ranking

How To Participate[]

  • Select "Battle Tower: Adamanterrapin Terror" from the world map
  • This event is only accessible after a player clears the Runic Temple in Chapter 1

Event Map[]

Adamanterrapin Terror
The Tower of Trials looms in the space between dimensions. Only the strong may hope to reach its highest levels. Battle the Adamanterrapins and prove your mettle!
~ In-Game Description

The map is one giant tower with 50 levels. Every level has an Adamanterrapin during the last battle. The difficulty increases every 10 levels. Other enemies can be found during the other battles of each levels.

There are 56 areas and 11 treasure chests.

The Tower[]

Levels can not be revisited. There is a single Adamanterrapin as the last battle on every level. The Adamanterrapin becomes more difficult every 10 levels.

Level Warning Possible Drops
  • [EARTH]Adamanterrapin sighted.
  • Beware [EARTH]earth attacks.
  • Adamanterrapin (Card)
Levels Stamina Battles
Lowest Level: Abyss N/A
1st-10th 4 2
16th-20th 5 3
41st-45th 7 4
Highest Level: Ragnarok

Additional Fiends[]

Normal Enemies Sub-Bosses

Phantasmic Coil[]

Top Level Reached
Congratulations, you've reached the top of the Tower of Trials! The locations ahead, the Phantasmic Coil, is an endless area with new rules: no Rental Cards, and no Continues. How far can you go?
~ In-Game Description

Following the completion of Highest Level: Ragnarok, an extra area opens called Phantasmic Coil. It repeats endlessly, but costs the same amount of Stamina each time. The Warrior of Light can not use Rental Cards or Phoenix Downs.

Phantasmic Coil is made up of 5 extra levels that have to be played in order. Once completing the Phanatasmic Coil, it can be replayed for additional rewards. The difficulty of the each run increases after a completion.

Name Stamina Battles Battles 1&2 Enemies Battles 3 Enemies
Phantasmic Coil 7 3

Area Rewards[]

There are treasure chests every five levels. Below is a list of items with each chest. In addition to valuable items such as crystals and Ability Tickets, you can win a Summon Ticket when you reach the top of the tower!
~ In-Game News
Level Completion Reward
5th Level
10th Level
15th Level
20th Level
25th Level
30th Level
35th Level
40th Level
45th Level
Highest Level: Ragnarok
Phantasmic Coil 1st Time
Phantasmic Coil 2nd+ Times

Ranking Rewards[]

You will also receive rewards based on your ranking at the end of the event.
The more bosses you defeat, the higher your ranking and the better the reward.
~ In-Game News
Final Ranking Rewards