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Ailments (also known as debuffs) are one of two status effects that affect characters during battles in Mobius Final Fantasy. They typically make characters weaker. They are the opposite of boons.

Ailments can be removed by using an ability with the Esuna extra skill; enhanced ailments can be removed via abilities with Holy Cleansing extra skill. Ailments can also be removed by using its opposite.

Ailments have a chance to be resisted, reducing its duration by half.

Immune to ailments[]

Immune to ailments (effect).pngImmune to ailments can be granted by Lights of Hope

List of Ailments[]

Unguard vs Debarrier[]

Debarrier, No Guard and Break Status Interaction by ghuanda

  1. Debarrier (effect).png Debarrier increases all damage done at all times by 50%. [1]
  2. Barrier (effect).pngBarrier gives a 33% reduction in damage. Works during No Guard and Break statuses.
  3. All enemies have a defense stat that blocks damage. This stat is zero when enemies are broken. Unguard acts like break, which removes an enemies "break bonus defense" and sets defense to zero. You will do more damage to an unbroken enemy. Therefore it allows near max damage when not broken (breaking enemies provides a bonus).
  4. Broken enemy with Unguard does not receive more damage.
  5. Debarrier and Unguard effects seem to be multiplicative instead of additive. (1.5 x 1.3 = 1.95).