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Archlich fight.jpg

Act 1, Final Chapter: Closing the Loop

Enemy Size boss
Drops Archlich (Card)
The true form of the lich, one of Chaos's lieutenants.
~ In-game description

The Archlich is a boss-sized fiend in Mobius Final Fantasy -- one of the four Arch-fiends and lieutenants of Chaos in Act 1, working as a larger and more powerful version of the Imperial Lich.

At the beginning of battle, the Archlich casts Aegis of Discord to slow you down and apply a strong defensive barrier. This can be removed by breaking the Archlich.

Its attacks are fairly mundane, but hit HARD. It starts as a non-elemental fiend, but at some point in its fighting it will cast Frozen Soul to convert to a [WATER]Water-based fiend. Use this to your advantage with Fire-based abilities!

In more difficult circumstances, when the Archlich hits 50% HP, it will raise a Perfect Defense (effect).pngPerfect Defense for a turn to recover from Break, then cast Heightened Form to increase its strength.

The Archlich gets 3-4 actions per turn.


Action Description
Aegis of Discord pre-emptive action. changes to [NONE] no element
Slow (enhanced effect).png Slow, HP Sap (enhanced effect).png HP Sap for 8 turns
Raises Ward of Chaos (effect).pngWard of Chaos (25% damage protection)
Attack basic [EARTH]Earth damage
Headhunter 2-strike physical [EARTH]Earth damage
Flash of Steel 1 strike [EARTH]Earth damage
Debarrier Debarrier (enhanced effect).png Debarrier for 3 turns
Chaotic Lockout ?
Heightened Form 30% higher stats
(triggered at 50% health)
Tremor Tide 3-strike [WATER]Water/[EARTH]Earth damage,
Debarrier (effect).png Debarrier for 3 turns
Frozen Soul changes to [WATER]Water affinity
Faith (effect).pngFaith for 3 turns

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