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Archtiamat fight.jpg

Act 1, Final Chapter: Closing the Loop

Elements [WIND][NONE]
Enemy Size boss
Drops Archtiamat (Card)
The true form of the tiamat, one of Chaos's lieutenants.
~ In-game description

The Archtiamat is a boss-sized fiend in Mobius Final Fantasy -- one of the four Arch-fiends and lieutenants of Chaos in Act 1, working as a larger and more powerful version of Tiamat.

The Archtiamat is naturally Immune to Stun (effect).pngImmune to Stun and Immune to Unguard (effect).pngImmune to Unguard.

At the beginning of battle, the Archtiamat casts Aegis of Discord to weaken you and apply a strong defensive barrier. This can be removed by breaking it, which will also restore its [WIND]Wind affinity. It also casts Tri-Barrier, which gives it some elemental protection from three of the elements. These can be broken down by casting spells of the opposite element at it, or waiting out the 4 turns until they expire.

Its attacks seem fairly simple, but they hit extremely hard... and repeatedly. Coupled with the Tri-Barrier protections, it's a formidable enemy and rightfully the strongest of Chaos' lieutenants.

In more difficult circumstances (like the Chaos Vortex), when the Archtiamat hits 50% HP, it will cast Wall (effect).pngWall on itself, giving time to repair its Break Gauge.

The Archtiamat gets 3-4 actions per turn.


Action Description
Aegis of Discord pre-emptive action. Changes to [NONE] no element
Unguard (enhanced effect).png Unguard, Debilitate (enhanced effect).png Debilitate for 8 turns
Raises Ward of Chaos (effect).pngWard of Chaos (25% damage protection)
Tri-Barrier pre-emptive action.
Raises Tri-Barrier Fire (effect).pngTri-Barrier Fire, Tri-Barrier Water (effect).pngTri-Barrier Water,
and Tri-Barrier Wind (effect).pngTri-Barrier Wind for 4 turns.
Attack strong [WIND]Wind physical damage
Absorb Strength Debrave (enhanced effect).png Debrave on you for 3 turns,
Brave (enhanced effect).pngBrave on itself
Absorb Magic Curse (enhanced effect).png Curse on you for 3 turns,
Faith (enhanced effect).pngFaith on itself
Firaga medium [FIRE]Fire damage
Blizzaga medium [WATER]Water damage
Aeroga medium [WIND]Wind damage
Chaotic Lockout locks out your most commonly used element?


Archtiamat can appear as an enemy in the following:

Region Area
Act 1 Final Chapter: Closing the Loop
  • Archtiamat's Lair
  • Wind Trial 1
  • Wind Trial 2
  • Wind Trial 3
Chaos Vortex Lv. 40: The Ultimate Extreme
Act 1 Story Digest Chapters 7 and 8: Hope and Finality Archtiamat's Lair
A Warrior's Feast, Part 2 Archtiamat's Last Stand