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Barrier (effect).png
Barrier (boon)
Defense increased.

Barrier (or Defense Up) is one of the boons in Mobius Final Fantasy.


It reduces incoming damage by 33% for a certain number of turns.

It is the opposite of Debarrier (effect).png Debarrier (or Defense Down).

Abilities that cause Barrier[]

Element Ability Card Type Number of Turns
(with Lasting Boons)
Other Boons
[LIFE] Agito's Bond Machina & Rem: FF Type-0 (Card) Enhanced 3 Drain (enhanced effect).pngDrain
[LIFE] Barrier Dust Bandit (Card) Regular 5
[LIFE] Barrier Fat Chocobo (Card) Enhanced 5
[LIFE] Barrier Gold Chocobo (Card)
[LIFE] Barrier Silver Chocobo (Card)
[LIFE] Lesser Barrier Dust Bandit (Card)
[LIFE] Mighty Guard Hell's Gate (Card) Enhanced 3 Wall (enhanced effect).pngWall Regen (enhanced effect).pngRegen
[LIFE] Sentinel's Grimoire Tyro: FFRK (Card) Enhanced 3 Wall (enhanced effect).pngWall Veil (enhanced effect).pngVeil
[LIFE] Service Cindy: FFXV (Card) Enhanced 4 Haste (enhanced effect).pngHaste
[LIFE] Spirit Barrier Echo: PICTLOGICA (Card) Regular 4
[LIFE] Ultimate Shield Warrior of Light: DISSIDIA FF (Card) Wall (effect).pngWall
[LIFE] Limitless Potential Lights of Hope (Card) Enhanced 4 Faith (effect).pngFaith Boost (effect).pngBoost Snipe (effect).pngSnipe Wall (effect).pngWall Immune to ailments (effect).pngImmune to ailments
[LIFE] Good Enough Til We Meet Again (Card) Enhanced 4 Enhanced Elemental Attacks (enhanced effect).pngEnhanced Elemental Attacks I Brave (enhanced effect).pngBrave Boost (enhanced effect).pngBoost

Ultimates that cause Barrier[]

Job Ultimate Type Number of Turns Other Boons
Warrior Icon.pngOnion Knight: Knight Radiant Sword Enhanced 4
Warrior Icon.pngOnion Knight: Paladin Runic Saber Enhanced 4 Regen (enhanced effect).pngRegen
Warrior Icon.pngKnight Radiant Sword Enhanced 4
Warrior Icon.pngPaladin Runic Saber Enhanced 4 Regen (enhanced effect).pngRegen
Meia Icon.pngAmalthea Fiat Lux Enhanced 3 Wall (enhanced effect).pngWall Regen (enhanced effect).pngRegen
Meia Icon.pngGlam Vamp Curtain Call Taunt (effect).png Taunt Debrave (effect).png Debrave Curse (effect).png Curse Unguard (effect).png Unguard Lucid Cast (effect).pngLucid Cast
Warrior Icon.pngSword Saint Lightbreaker Enhanced Brave (enhanced effect).pngBrave Wall (enhanced effect).pngWall Lucid War (enhanced effect).pngLucid War
Warrior Icon.pngEorzean Paladin Circle of Scorn Wall (effect).pngWall Lucid War (effect).pngWarrior's Trance Taunt (effect).png Taunt
Warrior Icon.pngLegendary Guardian Tornado Brave (effect).pngBrave Lucid War (effect).pngWarrior's Trance Charging Attack (effect).pngCharging Attack
Mage Icon.pngWhite Mage Holy Prayer Regen (effect).pngRegen
Mage Icon.pngSkyseer Heaven's Wall Faith (effect).pngFaith Haste (effect).pngHaste Lucid Cast (effect).pngMage's Trance
Mage Icon.pngWahrsager Alptraum Lucid Cast II (enhanced effect).pngMage's Trance II Faith (enhanced effect).pngFaith Boost (enhanced effect).pngBoost Enhanced Elemental Attacks (enhanced effect).pngEnhanced Elemental Attacks Wall (enhanced effect).pngWall
Monk Icon.pngMoogle Suit Moogle Beam Wall (effect).pngWall
Monk Icon.pngKampfer Blitzfaust Lucid Fist II (enhanced effect).pngMonk's Trance II Brave (effect).pngBrave Snipe (effect).pngSnipe Boost (effect).pngBoost Wall (effect).pngWall
Meia Icon.pngFlower Girl of Midgar The Planet's Protection Lucid Cast (enhanced effect).pngMage's Trance Faith (enhanced effect).pngFaith Wall (enhanced effect).pngWall
Meia Icon.pngMellow Mermaid Brutal Wave Lucid Cast (enhanced effect).pngMage's Trance Wall (enhanced effect).pngWall Snipe (enhanced effect).pngSnipe

Auto Abilities that cause Barrier[]

Auto Ability Card Number of Turns
Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Barrier Starter Vanille: FFXIII (Card) 1
Icon Auto-Abilities Blue.png Clutch Barrier Meia Icon.pngAmalthea ★2 4
Warrior Icon.pngBerserker ★2 4
Warrior Icon.pngDark Knight ★2 4
Meia Icon.pngEsmeralda ★2 4
Meia Icon.pngGlam Vamp ★2
Mage Icon.pngHope's Guide ★2 4
Warrior Icon.pngKnight ★2 4
Mage Icon.pngMage ★7 4
Warrior Icon.pngOnion Knight ★2 4
Warrior Icon.pngPaladin ★2 4
Warrior Icon.pngSamurai ★6 4
Meia Icon.pngSanta Lucia ★2 4
Meia Icon.pngThe Azure Witch ★2 4
Ranger Icon.pngThief of Tantalus ★2 4
Mage Icon.pngTonberry Suit ★6 4
Warrior Icon.pngWarrior ★2 4

Fiend Abilities that cause Barrier[]

Fiend Ability Range Number of Turns
Adamantoise Turtle Shell Self 3
Red Dragon Barrier Self 1
Mighty Golem Barrier Self 3
Imperial Lich Granite Armor Self 4
UFO (Wind) Activate All Modules Self 3
Tyro (Sicarius) Sentinel's Grimoire Self 4
Red Chocobo Chocobarrier Self 3
Blue Chocobo Chocobarrier Self 3
Green Chocobo Chocobarrier Self 3
Chocobo Chocobarrier Self 3
Silver Chocobo Chocobarrier Self 3
Gold Chocobo Chocobarrier Self 3