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Black Flan
Black Flan fight.jpg

Dream Within a Dream, Part 2

Elements [DARK]
Enemy Size small, medium, large
Drops (none)
An elemental Jelly from the world of Spira.
~ rough description

The Black Flan is one of the special fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy, appearing as part of the Final Fantasy X Collaboration Event.

They are fairly simple in their attacks, but have a high Break gauge. Like most elementals, they absorb their element.

  • Small ones have a natural Dark Pact (effect).pngDark Pact x99 turns, to pull attacks off of their companions.
  • Medium ones usually don't have the Dark Pact, but if you don't break them before they die, they cast Unguard (effect).png Unguard on you for 5 turns.
  • Large ones offfer no special abilities. They're just larger and tougher.

When they first appear, Black Flans will cast Felflame on you if you have any ailments. Make an effort to break other Flans in the skirmish leading up to the Black Flan's appearance to avoid this. Felflame is a strong hit, but it removes the ailment that triggers it.

Flans get 2 actions per turn.


Action Description
(starting ability) Dark Pact (enhanced effect).pngDark Pact 99 turns (small only)
Felflame pre-action, regular action. Multi-strike dark attack.
Painra normal Dark damage
Slime Unguard (effect).png Unguard 5-8 turns
Charging... heavy Dark damage

Event Encounters[]