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Blanks are outsiders who, for mysterious reasons, find themselves in Palamecia devoid of any memory of their past lives.

Wol is one of them.

Palamecia believes that Blanks are harbingers of a hopeful future, for they have shed the shackles of the past.

~ In-game description

Blanks are characters in Mobius Final Fantasy.

The term Blanks refers to their being blank slates, having lost their memories of the past before their arrival on Palamecia.

The Blanks perform a number of functions in Palamecia, from guard duty to fiend hunting. As stated by Echo, Blanks feel great pleasure from performing their duties and many become too enthralled by the pleasure to continue on the quest to become the Warrior of Light.

Blanks are able to hear the voice of Vox and see Echo, unlike other characters such as Garland.


In general, Blanks arrive on Palamecia confused and disoriented, however many unquestioningly follow Vox's command to follow the prophecy and try to become the Warrior of Light. Their loyalty to Vox even extends to the point that they take arms against Garland on sight because of Vox's having branded the knight a heretic.



  • All Blanks who are trying to become the Warrior of Light share the same name as the main character, Wol by default.

Notable Blanks[]

- WoL

- Lightning

- Snow

- Cloud

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