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Below is a list of Areas (Locations) are the fundamental element of Mobius Final Fantasy gameplay. These are specific "spots" contained within a selected Region.

One Area contains one or more Battles (Skirmishes) against a set of foes, and costs X amount of Stamina to participate. In most cases these foes are set for specific fiends, but battles against lower-level "fodder" like Dust and Grudge fiends are usually random.

The player will need to defeat all of the foes in a particular battle to move on to the next battle. The area is Cleared once all Battles there are complete.

The icon offers information about the area:

  • A small icon shows that you can only reach that area from one of the adjacent areas, shown by the white lines.
  • A large icon shows that you can Teleport to that area, after it has been Cleared. Use the Teleport icon at the top of the player map to reach there from anywhere else you may be in that region.
  • The ring around the area gives a rough estimate of the difficulty of the foes in it, from blue (trivially easy) to red (difficult). This also affects the number of Skillseeds an area will award.
  • The center of the area icon shows extra info:
    • A Green checkmark shows that area has been cleared. These areas can be played again, but the stamina cost, number of battles, and foes may be different.
    • A treasure chest shows an extra reward, handed off when the area is cleared. Brown (wood) chests will be common items, like Icon Phoenix Down.png Phoenix Downs or Icon Elixir.png Elixirs. Silver chests are uncommon items, usually Icon Crystal.png Crystals. Gold chests are rare items, including Pneuma, Icon Ability Ticket.png Ability Tickets, and Icon Summon Ticket.png Summon Tickets.
    • Dimmed areas cannot be revisited.
  • There may be cutscenes surrounding the battles. These are the story element of the game.


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