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The Sicarius are divine protectors of this land. People offer up prayers, and in turn they purge fiends from the world.
~ Meia, during her introduction at the Ring of Braves.

The Sicarius are a high class of Fiends offered as Multiplayer challenges in the Ring of Braves. Players are invited to challenge them in teams of up to four, at varying difficulty levels.

In general, they are direct analogues of more powerful fiends from other Final Fantasy games:

  • Aeons from Final Fantasy X
  • Espers from Final Fantasy XII
  • Eidolons from Final Fantasy XIII
  • Ultimate Heroes from various Final Fantasy titles
  • "guest appearances" of characters from other games, including Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy: Record Keeper

In addition, Collaboration Events involving these games will feature some levels with single-player Boss battles against related Sicarius, including ranked Battle Tower Events. They also appear as ultra-high-end single challenges in the Bahamut Lagoon and Phantasmic Loop: Endless War.

Regular Sicarius[]

These Sicarius appear on a regular, rotating schedule. See the Ring of Braves and the current Calendar on the front page for more info.

Element Gen 1 Gen 2 Gen 3
[FIRE]Fire Ifrit Belias Brynhildr
[WATER]Water Shiva Famfrit Leviathan
[WIND]Wind Odin Adrammelech Chaos, Walker of the Wheel
[EARTH]Earth Hashmal Hecatoncheir Exodus
[LIGHT]Light Ultima Alexander Valefor
[DARK]Dark Anima Bahamut Zalera

November 1, 2019 Update:[]

  • Every Regular ★5 Sicarius (and the Extreme Sicarius) will now have the Damage Reduction (effect).pngDamage Reduction buff.
  • Regular ★5 Sicarius (1st / 2nd / 3rd gen): from 60 to 45 stamina cost.
  • Regular ★4 Sicarius (1st / 2nd / 3rd gen): from 50 to 30 stamina cost.
  • Final Attacks have been removed on Regular ★5 Sicarius.
  • More trades for Regular Sicarius on the Item Exchange, and new prices on existing trades.

Extreme Sicarius[]

Extreme Sicarius is a new type of Sicarius introduced on November 1, 2019.

Element Gen 1
[FIRE]Fire Extreme Ifrit X (Sicarius)
[WATER]Water Extreme Shiva X
[WIND]Wind Extreme Odin X
[EARTH]Earth Extreme Hashmal X
[LIGHT]Light Extreme Ultima X
[DARK]Dark Extreme Anima X

Extreme Sicarius Characteristics[]

Elemental Resistance[]

These Sicarius will resist all elemental attacks except for the element they are weak against.

Alternate Stances[]

These Sicarius will change stance once its HP is sufficiently reduced. While a Sicarius can be Broken at first, once they change stance (at 50% HP), they will no longer be able to be Broken.

Buff Target / Debuff Target[]

Upon ending each turn, the Sicariuses will use either Buff Target: ○○ or Debuff Target: ○○.

For the Buff Target: ○○, if any one of the players have a buff effect and the turn switches over to the Sicarius, they will react violently and strike with an area attack to all players.

For Debuff Target: ○○, if the Sicarius is inflicted with a debuff and the turn switches over to the foe, they will react violently and strike with an area attack to all players.

With this said, be cautious when setting the ability cards to your deck.

There is however, one way to avoid the Buff target / Debuff target. Using opposite elemental abilities from "Extreme Sicarius X" cards will neutralize the Buff/Debuff target.

If you have not obtained these cards yet, be sure to stop by The Rift!

Actions increase with each turn[]

For each turn during the Extreme Sicarius battles, the Sicariuses will use "Quicken: X".

During the actual battle, the "X" will be replaced with a number, which will increase with each turn.

In other words, the Sicariuses actions will increase with each turn! If you don't defeat them asap, they will become even stronger.

Incredibly strong...[]

Out of all the Sicariuses that have descended upon the Ring of Braves the Extreme Sicariuses are the most difficult of them all currently.

Since their strength is beyond the ★5 Hard Quests we've had, it may be EXTREMELY challenging to obtain the No Death Bonus...

No Death Bonus[]

There are exclusive materials that drop upon defeating Extreme Sicariuses with the No Death Bonus.

These can be exchanged for exclusive rewards, so try your best to challenge the Extreme Sicariuses with the No Death Bonus.

To help clear the super powerful Extreme Sicariuses there is often a "Raise" stamp active which will provide a free Phoenix Down to yourself, instantly reviving you with a full Ultimate Gauge.

By using this stamp after you are KO'ed (once), you will still be eligible for receiving the No Death Bonus!

* You can only revive from using the stamp once per battle.

* If you have been defeated again after the revival stamp has been used, you will no longer be able to obtain the No Death Bonus.

* If other players use their own stamps for revival, the group will still be eligible to obtain the No Death Bonus.

* Although you revive with one of the stamps, if other players use other methods for revival, you will no longer be eligible to receive the No Death Rewards.