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The lord general of the monstrous forces invading Palamecia.

No one knows either the intent or the cause for Chaos's invasion. He only seems interested in destroying all that stands in his path.

While it is prophesied that the Warrior of Light will defeat him, no one knows when this will occur, or if it will happen at all.

~ In-game description

Chaos is one of the characters in Mobius Final Fantasy.

As the primary antagonist of the game, he controls the various fiends that are attacking the land of Palamecia. His main objective appears to be to prevent the emergence of the Warrior of Light, but when directly confronted in Chapter 3 Chaos refuses to kill Wol, suggesting he has a more complex goal than just killing blanks.


Nothing is known about Chaos's personality at this time, except for an apparent desire to destroy all civilisation in Palamecia.


In the early Chapters, your first few fights with Chaos offer these as actions:

Action Description
Firaga medium [FIRE]fire damage
Firaja heavy [FIRE]fire damage
Chaotic Whispers 4-strike [FIRE]fire damage
Requiem extreme [FIRE]fire damage
Flood of Despair converts all orbs to a single color
Bio (effect).png Bio for 3 turns
Stun (effect).png Stun for 2 actions
Unguard (effect).png Unguard for 2 turns
Devoid ???


Chaos can be fought as an enemy early in the game at:

Region Area
Chaos and the Crown, Part 2 Field of Chaos
First Anniversary, Part 2
  • Dreams' End
  • Defy Chaos
  • Resist Chaos
  • Repel Chaos
  • Chaotic Coil


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  • The name Chaos is most likely a reference to the God of discord of the same name in the Dissidia series as well as Final Fantasy I.

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