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Yellow Chocobo fight.jpg


Elements [EARTH]
Enemy Size Boss
Drops Chocobo (Card)
Key Item: Icon Chocobo Feather.png Chocobo Feather
Rare Key Item:
Icon Lucky Feather.png Lucky Feather

[EARTH] The Chocobo, or Yellow Chocobo, is one of the fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy. It is one of the starring fiends of the Chocobocalypse event, and appears in various other events as an incidental fiend.


Name Effect
Attack Deals Earth Damage
Chocokick Deals Earth Damage
Chocostone Deals Earth Damage
Chocobrave Grants Brave (effect).pngBrave for 3 turns
Chocobarrier Grants Barrier (effect).pngBarrier for 3 turns
Choco-slow Casts Slow (effect).png Slow for 2 turns
Chococure Restores HP
Chocostance Two Turn Attack
Deals Earth Damage 7 times
It shakes its feathers Minor HP Restore

Mood Exclusive Attacks[]

Stages are increased when the Chocobo is hit with a [WIND] Wind attack or is broken. After 1 full turn without a Wind attack or break, the level will decrease by one.

Stage Timid Brave
Name Effect Name Effect
Zero It looks calm again N/A It looks calm again N/A
First It looks shaken It looks angry
Second It looks panicked It looks furious Grants Faith (effect).pngFaith for 2 turns
Third Escape! Battle Ends KWEH! Deals great Earth Damage


Region Areas
  • Tantal Woods 1
  • Mimett Dunes 1
  • Sylkis Sierra 1
First Anniversary, Part 1 Chocobo section
Fatal Calling: Northern Cavern
  • Painted Cavern
  • Primal Spring
  • LL3-D