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A new foe -- the Brachiosaur -- joins the fray in this all-new tower event.

Best this evil and let loose a rainbow of victory!

~ In-game description

Conviction and Condemnation is a Ranked "battle tower" event offered in June 2019. It's a short path, but you're up against the very powerful Brachiosaur.

Event Details[]

  • Appearance: June 24 – July 1, 2019
  • Event type: progressive Tower Battle

How to Participate[]

Conviction and Condemnation world map.jpg
  • Select "Conviction and Condemnation" from the Act 2 world map -- its own red spot.
  • This event is only accessible after a player clears the Runic Temple in Chapter 1


No story!

There is a suggestion that, with current events in Act 2 Chapter 4: One Small Pebble: Breaking Limits, this is a dragon that has arisen from the depths of Palamecia to enact retribution of some sort, but nothing has been stated.


Play in this area works up a single chain of levels, from the beginning Abyss level up to the top Ragnarok level. As you work your way up the tower, the battles at each level will get progressively harder.

Each area has three battles:

  1. The first one is against general fiend fodder.
  2. The second one is against Sub-Bosses and Bosses.
  3. The third features the Brachiosaur.
Brachiosaur buffs.jpg

Brachiosaur throws a LARGE number of ailments at you!

  • If the Brachiosaur's red break gauge is higher than its HP gauge, it will cast Condemn at you. This will inflict medium-scale damage and removes two of your boons! This includes Enhanced boons! Keep this creature broken or it'll take all of your boons away!
  • When its HP gauge gets low enough, it will cast Rainbow at you. This hits with multiple elements, and throws multiple ailments at you based on which elements you're vulnerable to. You can avoid these by having elemental resistance up for each element, from Element Drive or other abilities:
Ailment Blocked by element
Debilitate (enhanced effect).png Debilitate Resist Dark (effect).pngResist Dark
Slow (enhanced effect).png Slow Resist Light (effect).pngResist Light
Slump (enhanced effect).png Slump Resist Earth (effect).pngResist Earth
Curse (enhanced effect).png Curse Resist Wind (effect).pngResist Wind
Debarrier (enhanced effect).png Debarrier Resist Water (effect).pngResist Water
Debrave (enhanced effect).png Debrave Resist Fire (effect).pngResist Fire
Bio (enhanced effect).png Bio can't be resisted.
  • Each ailment the Brachiosaur successfully lands will reduce its Brachiosaur Counter (effect).pngBrachiosaur Counter. Once this counter hits zero, the Brachiosaur will cast Convergence at you, hitting with 99,999 damage. Almost certainly a one-hit kill!
  • Brachiosaur will change between Boss Fire.pngFire and Boss Light.pngLight affinity after recovering from Break.

Event Map[]

Conviction and Condemnation map.jpeg
A dragon from antiquity has reared its head once more, its roar piercing the sky and shattering the heavens. As hope turns into despair, what succor is there for the helpless?
~ World Map description

The region is the standard Tower of Trials -- one path with a staircase up, leading up to the top at the 10th "Ragnarok" level. You cannot return to previous levels once they've been beaten.

After completing the Highest Level: Ragnarok, you enter the "Phantasmic Coil" areas. This is a set of 5 areas that repeat in an infinite loop, also with an increasing difficulty with each area finished. On these levels, there is no fifth Rental Card allowed, and if you lose, you cannot use Icon Phoenix Down.png Phoenix Downs to continue.
A Prize of Icon Ability Ticket.png Ability Ticket x5 is handed out for each loop of 5 completed.

There are 16 total areas, including the Phantasmic Coil and the Starting Area. There are 11 treasure chests. Since the treasure chest in the Phantasmic Coil regenerates on each pass, the region technically cannot be Cleared.


Area Stamina Battles Description Reward
Lowest level: Abyss - - - (starting point)
1st Level 2 3 Boss Light.png Brachiosaur awaits.
Resist its Rainbow ability,
which causes seven status ailments, by using element drives!
Icon Elixir.png Elixir x3
Icon Phoenix Down.png Phoenix Down x3
Icon Ether.png Ether x3
2nd Level 2 3 Boss Fire.png Brachiosaur awaits. Seed fire.pngFire x200,000
Seed water.pngWater x200,000
3rd Level 3 3 Boss Light.png Brachiosaur awaits. Seed wind.pngWind x200,000
Seed earth.pngEarth x200,000
4th Level 3 3 Boss Fire.png Brachiosaur awaits. Seed light.pngLight x200,000
Seed dark.pngDark x200,000
Icon Gold Opener.png Gold Opener x1
5th Level 4 3 Boss Light.png Brachiosaur awaits. Icon Fire Pneuma.png Fire Pneuma
Icon Water Pneuma.png Water Pneuma
6th Level 4 3 Boss Fire.png Brachiosaur awaits. Icon Wind Pneuma.png Wind Pneuma
Icon Earth Pneuma.png Earth Pneuma
7th Level 5 3 Boss Light.png Brachiosaur awaits. Icon Light Pneuma.png Light Pneuma
Icon Dark Pneuma.png Dark Pneuma
Icon Crystal.png Crystal x10
8th Level 5 3 Boss Fire.png Brachiosaur awaits. Icon Mog Amulet.png Mog Amulet★4
Icon Extranger.png Extranger★4
9th Level 6 3 Boss Light.png Brachiosaur awaits. Icon Gigantuar Bulb.png Gigantuar Bulb★3
Icon Growstar.png Growstar★4
Highest Level: Ragnarok 7 3 Boss Fire.png Brachiosaur awaits. Icon Magicite.png Magicite x300
Icon Ability Ticket.png Ability Ticket x30
Icon Summon Ticket.png Summon Ticket x4

Phantasmic Coil[]

The five levels after Ragnarok are set in an infinite loop, with a prize on the completion of the fifth area on each loop. Players cannot use Icon Phoenix Down.png Phoenix Downs to continue the battle if they lose, and the fifth "rental" card is not available.

The skirmishes here have a pre-set collection of fiends, but after the 35th kill they will change to other fiends, and again after the 85th kill. The third skirmish always remains as described.

Area Stamina Battles Description Reward
Phantasmic Coil (1) 8 3 Boss Fire.png Brachiosaur awaits.
Phantasmic Coil (2) Boss Light.png Brachiosaur awaits.
Phantasmic Coil (3) Boss Fire.png Brachiosaur awaits.
Phantasmic Coil (4) Boss Light.png Brachiosaur awaits.
Phantasmic Coil (5) Boss Fire.png Brachiosaur awaits. Icon Ability Ticket.png Ability Ticket x5

Ranking Rewards[]

Anyone who completes all of the normal levels should make it within the top 30,000 players, though it may still require a run or two through the Phantasmic Coil to breach the top 10,000.

The top 2,000 players will get Icon Rainbow Key.png Rainbow Keys as a reward. These are used to open special high-end rewards in the Rift.

Final Ranking Rewards
1 – 50
51 – 100
101 – 500
501 – 1000
1001 – 2000
2001 – 3000
3001 – 5000
5001 – 10,000
10,001 – 20,000
20,001 – 30,000
Participation bonus * Icon Mystic Tablet.png Mystic Tablet x10

Notable Enemies[]


The Brachiosaur is based on the Th'uban monster from Final Fantasy X. The music that plays during the event is the Boss Theme from FFX.