Critical Resist Down (effect).png
Critical Resist Down (ailment)
Receive critical hits more often.

Critical Resist Down (ailment) is one of the ailment in Mobius Final Fantasy aka CRD / CDD. It lowers the resistance to Critical Hits.

Abilities that cause Critical Resist Down (ailment)

For Single Target, see Single CRD Cards

For Area, see Area CRD Cards

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Element Card Name Ability Name Range Number of Turns Extra Effect
Fire Icon.png Mateus (Card) Conquering Flame Area 3? -
Security: Mateus Squad (Card)
Shadow Thief (Fire)(Card)
Water Icon.png Tempest (Card) Conquering Ice Area 3? -
Tempest (scroll)
Shadow Thief (Water)(Card)
Ixion (Card) Punishing Ice Area 3? -
Security: Ixion Squad (Card)
Shadow Armsman (Water)(Card)
Wind Icon.png Ramuh (Card) Fatal Aeroga Area 3? -
Security: Ramuh Squad (Card)
Shadow Wizard (Wind)(Card)
Earth Icon.png Thor (Card) Mjollnir Single 2
Light Icon.png Barret: FFVII REMAKE Satellite Beam Area 3
Guard Scorpion Mk.II
Ultimate Devout's Holy Area 1
Occulist's Molten ?
Dark Icon.png Neo Exdeath: FFV (Card) Grand Cross Area 3 Misfortune, Debarrier (effect).png Debarrier, Stun (effect).png Stun, Break Defense Down II (effect).png Break Defense Down II, Critical Resist Down II (effect).png Critical Resist Down II

Fiend Abilities that cause Critical Resist Down (ailment)

Fiend Name Ability Name Range Number of Turns
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