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Unlocks specific skill panels.

Crystals are items in Mobius Final Fantasy used to upgrade the stats on Jobs and Weapons.


  • Job Cards will charge a cost of Icon Crystal.png Crystal x1 - 5 to unlock the final square on all Skill Panels. Usually this is an upgrade to a weapon, but this can also be a significant new Ability. These panels must be unlocked to continue to a Job's next skill panel. Most jobs will need Icon Crystal.png Crystal x24 to complete all 8 skill panels.
    • Some Job Cards, such as Hero of Despair and SOLDIER 1st Class will also use Crystals to unlock other skills, with up to half of the skills requiring Crystals instead of Seed prismatic.pngSkillseeds.
  • Job skill cards obtained from Hall of Fame costs 6 crystals each to equip.
  • Weapon Modification requires 2 Crystals to complete a step. These will increase particular special abilities on a weapon, including Speed, Defense, and Crit Chance. Modifications are required (and special stats increase) once for every 6 increases to a weapon's basic stats (Attack, Magic, etc). Most weapons will take 40-70 such modifications before they reach maximum power.


Crystals can be obtained in multiple ways:

  • They are a higher-value reward found in Treasure Chests near the end of most Regions; particularly Ranked Events at the Tower of Trials. Areas that drop these are shown with a Crystal-colored Treasure Chest in the center of the area spot on the Region Map. Almost every region will have at least one such area.
  • Ranked events will typically include Crystals as a reward for placing on the event's Ranking List. While anyone within the top 10,000 players will get some Crystals, earning a higher placing will get a larger reward. 5-10 Crystals may also be awarded just for participating in the Ranked Event.
  • Crystals drop as a Very Rare drop from most fiends, particularly Bosses. The likelihood of this can be increased by equipping jobs, weapons and Ability Cards with the Crystal Seeker Auto-Ability.
  • Crystals drop as a Common drop from the Boss crystal cactuar.pngCrystal Gigantuar, which can be found in the Pleiades Lagoon region as well as certain "crystal farm" areas in various regions.
  • 5 Crystals are included in the Mobius Gift Box, which can be purchased every 30 days for Icon Magicite.png Magicite x1,500.
  • Crystals are typically included in the rewards for special promotional activities, such as Social Media Campaigns, Chapter Completion trophies, and Defeat the Sicarius events.
  • Crystals can be purchased in the Item Shop in exchange for Icon Magicite.png Magicite: 1x Crystal for 200 Magicite, 6x Crystals for 1,000 Magicite. Additionally, 9 Crystals can be purchased once every Monday for 2,000,000 Gil in the Item Shop.

Balance Changes[]

"In addition, after the 10/1 (2019) update, drop rates for Crystals will increase when defeating the Crystal Gigantuar! You will receive up to a maximum of 3 Crystals! Due to the influence of the Crystal Seeker, the stronger your auto-ability, the better your chance at obtaining 3 Crystals! Hunt down those Crystal Gigantuars within Yggdrasil to gather as much Crystals as possible!"