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Crystal Gigantuar
Crystal Gigantuar fight.jpg
Enemy Size Boss
Drops Icon Crystal.png Crystal
Icon Fire Fractal 4.png Fire Fractal★4
Icon Water Fractal 4.png Water Fractal★4
Icon Wind Fractal 4.png Wind Fractal★4
Icon Earth Fractal 4.png Earth Fractal★4
A crystal subgenus of the gigantuar.
~ In-Game Description

The Crystal Gigantuar is one of the special fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy that drops the all-important Icon Crystal.png Crystal items needed for unlocking Skills and Weapons in many Job Cards.

When you first start fighting the Crystal Gigantuar, its elemental affinity is unrevealed. If you attack it with an elemental spell aligned with it (the same one or its opposite) then it will reveal that affinity.

As an adversary, it isn't very troublesome. Most of its actions do no damage at all. Its Needle attacks, though, cannot be defended, avoided or reduced, so be careful not to assume it's harmless. It has a very high breakpoint, and may take up to 40,000 HP of damage to kill it.

Crystal Seeker auto-ability increases the drop rate of crystals, not the spawn rate of Crystal Gigantuars. Event nodes usually have a better spawn rate.

Ability set[]

Name Ability
It looks Psyched! appears to increase HP and Damage defense.
Break chance! greatly lowers break defense for one turn
1,000 Needles 1,000 HP damage (can't be reduced)
2,000 Needles 2,000 HP damage (can't be reduced)
4,000 Needles 4,000 HP damage (can't be reduced)
20,000 Needles 20,000 HP damage (can't be reduced)


The Crystal Gigantuar can appear as an enemy in the following:

Region Area
Bahamut Lagoon
  • Bahamut's Treasure
  • Belias's Treasure
  • Famfrit's Treasure
  • Alexander's Treasure
  • Adrammelech's Treasure
  • Hecatoncheir's Treasure
Pleiades Lagoon
  • Maia's Isle
  • Maia's Boon
  • Maia's Shade
Yggdrasil: Materials
  • Fire/water Cactuars
  • Wind/earth Cactuars
Chapter I: Blank Slate (Hard Mode) Random encounter
Chapter II: Hope and Prophecy (Hard Mode) Random encounter
Chapter III: Chaos and the Crown, Part 2 (Hard Mode)
  • Andraste Colony
  • Anima: Hidden Cache
  • Ultima: Hidden Cache
Chapter V: The First Warrior, Part 2 Untrammeled Peaks
Chapter VII: Light of Hope Gate of Trials 4
Final Chapter: Closing the Loop Labyrinthine Tower

Event Regions[]