Card 26 EN Cursed Feather 3.png
Job Type Material Icon.png  Material
Element Wind
A wing taken from a cockatrice.

This material is required to augment wind cards.
Has a high Skillseed Fusion success chance.
~ In-game description

Cursed Feather (Card) is one of the material cards in Mobius Final Fantasy. It is a required to augment ★1 and ★2 cards. It also has a high Skillseed Fusion success chance.

It is a Dropped Card that can obtained from defeating the boss Cockatrice and by buying from the Item Shop or Item Exchange.


Regions Cockatrice Can Be Encountered

Permanent Regions

Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Blank Slate 03-Aug-2016
Chapter 2: Hope and Prophecy 03-Aug-2016

Event Regions

Name Start Date End Date
Adamanterrapin Terror 20-Aug-2016 28-Aug-2016


Item Shop

Group Price Notes
Daily Deal 250 Icon Magicite.png Magicite Max of 5 purchases per appearance

Item Exchange

Start Date End Date Items
15-Sept-2016 29-Sept-2016 Icon Tyro Drops.png Tyro's Pencil (x2)
27-Oct-2016 10-Nov-2016 Icon Shiva Drops.png Shiva Claw (x2)
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