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Dahaka (Fire)
Dahaka Fire fight.jpg

Chaos Vortex
Dahaka Assault
Dahaka Returns!

Elements [FIRE][WATER]
Enemy Size Boss
Drops Dahaka (Fire)(Card) (Dahaka Assault)
Dahaka (Earth)(Card) (Dahaka Returns!)
Icon Crystal.png Crystal

Dahaka (Fire) is one of the Fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy. It first appears as the boss of the Madness Section of the Chaos Vortex. It, along with Dahaka (Wind), are the main fiends of the event Dahaka Assault, and often appear as "guest" bosses in other event regions.

A special version, the Guardian Azi Dahaka, is the Fire boss for the Pleiades Lagoon, and has also appeared in the First Anniversary, Part 2. This version has a rare drop of a Icon Fire Pneuma.png Fire Pneuma, but otherwise acts the same.

Dahaka typically slings a number of powerful Fire spells at the player, but has an annoying habit of switching elemental affinities every 3-4 turns.


Fire Form[]

Name Effect
Attack Deals Fire Damage
Firaga Deals Large Fire Damage
Firaja Deals Extreme Fire Damage
Debarrier Causes Defense Down for 1 turn
Ill Omens Deals Fire Damage & Causes Attack Down, Defense Down, Magic Down and Poisoned for 2 turns
Cold Front Deals Water Damage & Switches to Water Form

Water Form[]

Name Effect
Attack Deals Water Damage
Blizzaga Deals Large Water Damage
Blizzaja Deals Extreme Water Damage
Bio Causes Poison for 3 turns
Ill Omens Deals Water Damage & Causes Attack Down, Defense Down, Magic Down and Poisoned for 2 turns
Surging Flames Deals Fire Damage & Switches to Fire Form


Permanent Locations Event Locations
Chaos Vortex Dahaka Assault
(No Drops) Boss Fire.pngWandering Boss
Madness Unchained
  • Levels 1st-5th
  • Levels 11th-15th
  • Levels 21st-25th
  • Levels 31st-35th
  • Levels 41st-45th
  • Phantasmic Coil Node 1
  • Phantasmic Coil Node 3
  • Phantasmic Coil Node 5