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This end-content area map is released after public announcement of End of Service for MobiusFF.

The map consists of 5 floor levels:

- Level 1 (A/B) till Level 3 (A/B) - Monster Development Rooms, along with greetings/farewell wishes from members from various development departments in 5 years of MobiusFF.

- Level 4 - Rooms of Scenario Supervisors, Composer (Mitsuto Suzuki), Director Toriyama, Producer Yoshinori Kitase, Naoki Hamaguchi (former Project Leader PL) and Takashi Shiraga (current Project Leader)

- Level 5 - Rooms of Global/Japanese Voice Actors (Wol, Echo, Meia, Sarah, Graff, and Sophie), along with their voice recording as best farewell wishes.

By completing the map, Mobius Medal will be given to player, which allows to unlock final endgame-content that appears in Vox Encore map, allows player to challenge Vox (ver. Warrior of Dawn).


Japanese Ver. Dialogues Scripts :