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Dust Gigas
Dust Gigas.jpg

Chapter 1: Blank Slate
Shrine of Trials

Enemy Size Small
Drops Dust Gigas (Card)
A rare mutated variant of a common fiend.
~ In-Game Description

The Dust Gigas is one of the rare Fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy. It first appears in Chapter 1: Blank Slate, and shows up on occasion in Act 1.

However, it did make a dramatic appearance in a much larger - and stronger - form during the Underground Coliseum event, around the Act 2 Chapter 3 timeframe.


Name Effect
Attack Element Damage
It looks fidgety... no action.

Underground Coliseum:

Name Effect
Attack normal physical damage
Flame Sword [FIRE]Fire damage
Ice Sword [WATER]Water damage
Wind Sword [WIND]Wind damage
Earth Sword [EARTH]Earth damage
Light Sword [LIGHT]Light damage
Dark Sword [DARK]Dark damage
Whirlwind Slash normal physical damage


Dust Gigas can appear as an enemy in the following locations:

Chapter 1: Blank Slate Shrine of Trials Silent Ruins
Rare Encounter First Battle Only
  • All Locations
  • Helicoid Hallway 2