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A spirit fabled to haunt the mountains of Palamecia. Legends say travelers who listen to her words become cursed with bad luck.

Though supposedly a disembodied voice, Blanks are able to see her.

Claiming to have insight into the true nature of this world, Echo forces herself into Wol's company.

~ In-Game Description

Echo is one of the characters in Mobius Final Fantasy.

She first appears to Wol near the beginning of Chapter 1 and forces her way into his party.

In battle, Echo occasionally provides support effects, unlike Mog who only provides commentary.

Depending on what companion spirits the player has purchased from the Spirit Grove, Echo's appearance can change.

Combat Support[]

All effects listed here occur randomly when their trigger condition is met:

  • Hastening Gift : (At the start of the turn) Increases Wol's speed by 1 for the turn.
  • Breaker's Gift : (When Breaking an Enemy) Extends the enemy's break by 1 action.
  • Healing Gift : (When at critical HP) Heals some HP and grants Regen (effect).pngRegen for 3 turns.
  • Elemental Gift : (At the start of battle) Provides # random element orbs that Wol's current job has access to.


"Let me guess, everyone telling you what to do without bothering to ask what you want?"

Echo seems to have a playful and childish personality, often taunting Wol about destiny and The Prophecy.

From time to time, however, Echo reveals a far more serious side, encouraging Wol to constantly question himself and those around him. During these moments of seriousness her voice tends to drop and she is surrounded by a ring of light.



  • Like Wol and Meia, Echo is also available as a character in Final Fantasy:Record Keeper
  • If Echo's appearance is changed on the player's profile page, then her appearance in cutscenes also changes to match the selected spirit. If the player changes to a non-Echo spirit, then Echo will use her last-selected appearance.
  • Echo is voiced in the Japanese version by Sakura Tange, and in the English version of the game by Sarah Williams.

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