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Elemental Orbs are major battle mechanics in Mobius Final Fantasy. Elemental Orbs allow the Warrior of Light to activate Ability Cards in battle. Offensive abilities can be used to reduce the Break Gauge, inflict Ailments while doing damage and do great damage during Break. Support abilities can be used to restore HP, add Boons, inflict Ailments without doing damage, change the Warrior of Light's normal attack and change the Orb Wheel.

Type of Orbs[]

There are 8 types of orbs currently in Mobius Final Fantasy:

  • Offensive elements include [FIRE] Fire, [WATER] Water, [WIND] Wind, [EARTH] Earth, [LIGHT] Light and [DARK] Dark. These are used for elemental attacks and defense. Each Job Class has access to three of these.
  • [LIFE] Life orbs are used for beneficial abilities. These are available to all Job Classes.
  • [PRISMATIC] Prismatic orbs are granted by some abilities and auto-abilities. These can be used for any element.

Job Cards with Orb Types[]


Gaining Orbs[]

Gaining Orbs is done in 2 specific ways: using a Normal Attack and using an ability with certain Extra Skills. Normal Attacks can gain up to 3 Orb per attack when used as a combo. If a Three-Combo of Normal Attacks is used, the Warrior of Light will gain 6 Orbs. If the player waits too long between Attacks, the combo will end.

Normal Attack Random Orbs Gained
Normal Attack 1 Orb
2nd Normal Attack 2 Orbs
3rd Normal Attack 3 Orbs
Two-Hit Combo (1+2) = 3 Orbs
Three-Hit Combo (1+2+3) = 6 Orbs
Four-Hit Combo (1+2+3+1) = 7 Orbs
Five-Hit Combo (1+2+3+1+2) = 9 Orbs
Six-Hit Combo 12 Orbs
Seven-Hit Combo (12+1) Orbs
Extra Skill Name Orbs Gained Notes
Elemental Retrieval 1 Random Orb 50% chance, 100% change if weakness
Elemental Return 1 Specific Orb Returns 1 of the Orbs used in the Ability
Critical Retrieval 2 Random Orbs Only on Critical Hits

Orb Wheel[]

The Orb Wheel is located in the bottom-dominant corner of the battle screen. It determines the probability of drawing a certain Offensive Orb. The Wheel is broken up into three colors, one for each type of Offensive Orb. This can change in two ways: a Force Ability from either Fiends or the Warrior of Light; or using an Elemental Drive.

Elemental Drive[]

Elemental Drives are the second way of using Elemental Orbs. Elemental Drives are accessed by selecting the Orb Ring then selecting an Elemental Orb. It is activated by sacrificing Orbs and grants the Warrior of Light positive effects in battle.

Offensive Orbs[]

See Also: Resist Fire (effect).pngResist Fire, Resist Water (effect).pngResist Water, Resist Wind (effect).pngResist Wind, Resist Earth (effect).pngResist Earth, Resist Light (effect).pngResist Light, Resist Dark (effect).pngResist Dark

Using an Offensive Drive grants the Warrior of Light resistance to the Element of the Orbs he sacrificed. Driving an offensive elemental orb adds the number of orbs sacrificed as points into the Resist Elemental Boons. The number of points in the pool determines the resistance provided and how many turns the resistance has left. At the beginning of each of Wol's turns, the pool decreases by two points. The pool can not go higher than 10. If the pool is at 10 points, if another point is added the pool amount will not increase.

# of Points in the Pool % Resistance # of Turns Resistance Left
1 Orb 20% One Turn
2 Orbs
3 Orbs Two Turns
4 Orbs 35%
5 Orbs Three Turns
6 Orbs 50%
7 Orbs Four Turns
8 Orbs
9 Orbs Five Turns
10 Orbs

Life Orbs[]

Using a Life Drive restores the Warrior of Light's HP. Each life orb sacrificed restores Wol's HP by 8%

# of Orbs Sacrificed % of Max HP restored
1 Orb 8%
2 Orbs 16%
3 Orbs 24%
4 Orbs 32%
5 Orbs 40%
6 Orbs 48%
7 Orbs 56%
8 Orbs 64%
9 Orbs 72%
10 Orbs 80%
11 Orbs 88%
12 Orbs 96%
13+ Orbs 100%