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Extra skills are additional effects that activate upon using an ability from an ability card. Each ability card has a set of extra skills based on its job type or effect.


Each extra skill has a specific ability level requirement that must be reached before it can start to be unlocked. They must be unlocked in order from left to right. Extra skills can be unlocked in two ways: Fusing the card with an Extranger; and using the ability in battle.

Unlocking via Extranger[]

Guaranteed success if sufficient ability level; guaranteed failure otherwise.

Unlocking via ability use[]

It requires a certain amount of casts and a certain amount of area battles (i.e. the entire node). The card icon will begin flashing upon reaching its quota of casts and battles, and the extra skill will be unlocked during the battle result screen. Each subsequent skill requires roughly double that of the previous skill; exception being the two ★5 skills. You can decrease the battles required via Improved Extra Skill Unlock 1-6, doing battles on Mobius Day 4 IESU or in Yggdrasil: Materials on normal days x6 IESU or on MD x12 IESU, you can get max stacks any other day than MD in YM 36 IESU, or on MD 10 IESU, or on MD and in YM 120 IESU*. Without any unlocking bonus, the amount of battles and casts required is roughly as follows:

* Need confirmation if the Mobius Day IESU stacks with Yggdrassil: Materials x12 multiplication or it's ignored, if it's ignored, then the max bonus with 6 and x12 IESU becomes 72 IESU.

Skill Battles Attack Casts* Support Casts**
1 20 1 1
2 30 2 1
3 50 3 2
4 90 3 2
5 100 3 2
6 100 3 2

*/** Card Type:

* Warrior, Mage, Ranger and Monk

** Healer

Number of skills[]

The max number of extra skills each standard ability card can have is based on both its current rarity and base rarity.

Base Rarity Current Rarity
★1 ★2 ★3 ★4 ★5
★1 1 2 2 - -
★2 - 2 3 4 -
★3 - - 3 4 6
★4 - - - 4 6

Extra skills by card type[]

For all standard ability cards, the job type and ability effect determines the set of extra skills. Some event cards have their own set of extra skills.

Standard extra skills[]

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Offensive abilities[]

Card type ALv 2 ALv 4 ALv 6 ALv 8 ALv 10 ALv 10
Single-target Warrior Bloodthirst Elemental Retrieval Guard Breaker Damage Limit Break Elemental Mirror Vitality Tap
Single-target Mage Break Exploiter Elemental Return Weakness Breaker Damage Limit Break Critical Weakness Element Tap
Single-target Ranger Breaker-Killer Critical Retrieval Critical Sundering Damage Limit Break Critical Rupture Blood Tap
Area BDD mage Weakness Breaker Elemental Return Guard Breaker Potent Ailments Critical Sundering Damage Limit Break
Area CRD mage Break Exploiter Elemental Retrieval Bloodthirst Potent Ailments Breaker-Killer Damage Limit Break
Area BDD warrior Guard Breaker Elemental Retrieval Critical Sundering Potent Ailments Weakness Breaker Damage Limit Break
Area CRD warrior Bloodthirst Elemental Retrieval Breaker-Killer Potent Ailments Break Exploiter Damage Limit Break
Area BDD ranger Critical Sundering Critical Retrieval Weakness Breaker Potent Ailments Guard Breaker Damage Limit Break
Area CRD ranger Breaker-Killer Elemental Retrieval Break Exploiter Potent Ailments Bloodthirst Damage Limit Break

Support abilities[]

Card type ALv 2 ALv 3 ALv 4 ALv 5 ALv 6 ALv 6
Healing Enhanced Life Esuna Quick Cast Veil Holy Cleansing Esuna
Boon-Adding Enhanced Life Lasting Boons Quick Cast Enhanced Boons Extra Life Duration Boost
Ailment-Inflicting Potent Ailments Lasting Ailments Quick Cast Enhanced Ailments Elemental Retrieval Potent Ailments
Element Shift Enhanced Life Elemental Bounty Quick Cast Enhanced Element Ability Ignition Ability Ignition
Element Force Enhanced Life Elemental Bounty Quick Cast Imbue Element Enhanced Element Enhanced Element
En-Element Elemental Retrieval Quick Cast Enhanced Element Enhanced Element Ability Ignition Attack Ignition
Taunt Dispel Lasting Ailments Quick Cast Enhanced Ailments Drive Ignition Potent Cleansing

Cards with non-standard extra skills[]


  • For cards will cooldown, namely support cards, increasing the number of actions per turn may be detrimental for unlocking skills.