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Garuda fight.jpg

Dream Within a Dream, Part 3

Elements [WIND]
Enemy Size Giant
Drops None

You may be looking for [LIFE] Garuda: FFXIV or the [WIND] Garuda Interceptor: FFXIII

Garuda is a flying [WIND]Wind fiend in Mobius Final Fantasy. It is found as a special event-only foe during the Final Fantasy X Collaboration Event Dream Within a Dream, where it is considered a giant version of the Shantak.

All of the Garuda's attacks are the same as a Shantak, but it has at least twice the HP and Break of its smaller sibling. The Garuda also casts a pre-emptive Sonic Boom at the start of battle, leaving behind status effects that can slow down your retaliation.


Name Effect
Sonic Boom multistrike [WIND]Wind damage, Debarrier (effect).png Debarrier, Slump (effect).png Slump
Lunge heavy [WIND]Wind damage + Bio (enhanced effect).png Bio 3 turns


The Shantak can be found in these event Regions:


The Garuda is modelled from the foe of the same name in Final Fantasy X.