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Gigaflan fight.jpg

Dream Within a Dream, Part 3

Elements [DARK]
Enemy Size boss
Drops (none)
A powerful collection of dark magic from the world of Spira.
~ rough description

The Gigaflan is a boss-sized fiend in Mobius Final Fantasy, appearing as part of the Final Fantasy X Collaboration Event. It's extra-large, it has a fairly high Break Gauge, and it absorbs [DARK]Dark attacks and abilities.

Like its regular version the Black Flan, it casts Painga and Painja spells at you. It also casts Felflame at you as a pre-emptive attack if you have any ailments on you, so be careful when killing other Flans leading up to the Gigaflan's appearance.

Gigaflan Divide.jpg

When the Gigaflan is killed, it casts Divide, separating itself into 6-8 small-sized Black Flans, to continue the fight.

The Gigaflan gets 3 actions per turn.


Action Description
(starting ability) Dark Pact (enhanced effect).pngDark Pact 99 turns (small only)
Felflame pre-action, regular action. Multi-strike dark attack.
Painra normal Dark damage
Slime Unguard (effect).png Unguard 5-8 turns
Charging... heavy Dark damage
Divide dissolves on death, separates into 6-8 small Black Flans

Event Encounters[]