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Mainly used for card fusion.

Gil is the major currency in Mobius Final Fantasy.

Card Fusion and Augmentation both require Gil and therefore it is an important currency for players to collect as they play the game.


  • Map Rewards (every battle)
  • Event Rewards
  • Item Shop (1000000 / 1000 Magicite)

Gil Farming[]

[3 stamina/3 wave] Act II, The Rift: Extreme Ultima - The Brink 3 | 30000 gil per stamina
[8 stamina/4 wave] Act I, Chapter V [The First Warrior, Part 2] - Echoes of Conflict | 26250 gil per stamina
[6 stamina/3 wave] Act I, Yggdrasil: Materials - Wildblooms | 25000 gil per stamina
[60 stamina/1 wave] Act II, Pandemonium | 16667 gil per stamina, but you farm magicite as well
[30 stamina/30 wave] Act II, Chapter 3 [A Step into the Unknown: Sarah] - Epic Struggle: Fire and Water | Rng
[30 stamina/30 wave] Act I, Yggdrasil: Materials - Fire/water Cactuars | Rng

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