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Gilgamesh fight.jpg

Gilgamesh's Challenge
Gilgamesh's Gala
One for All, and All for Gilgamesh!

Elements [NONE]
Enemy Size Medium
Drops Gilgamesh's Challenge:
Gilgamesh (Earth)(Warrior)(Card)

Gilgamesh's Gala:
Gilgamesh (Water)(Warrior)(Card)
Gilgamesh (Earth)(Ranger)(Card)
Gilgamesh (Light)(Mage)(Card)
Gilgamesh (Life)(Support)(Card)
Gilgamesh (Light)(Monk)(Card)

One for All, and All for Gilgamesh:
Gilgamesh (Earth)(Monk)(Card)
Gilgamesh (Dark)(Ranger)(Card)
Gilgamesh (Water)(Ranger)(Card)
Gilgamesh (Life)(Support 2)(Card)

Gilgamesh (Dark)(Support)(Card)

You may be looking instead for: Gilgamesh (Job), the Ultimate Hero "skin"; Gilgamesh X, the Supreme Card; or one of the many Gilgamesh Ultimeh Cards.

Gilgamesh is one of the Boss fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy. He is a recurring event character.

Gilgamesh is a non-elemental fiend, so elemental abilities do no extra damage on that mark. However, most of his attacks do have elemental affinities. In addition, Gilgamesh frequently invokes Wall (enhanced effect).pngWall and Break Immunity (enhanced effect).pngBreak Immunity for one turn, when he:

  • recovers from Break
  • his health reaches 75%
  • his health reaches 50%
  • his health reaches 25%

At higher difficulties, Gilgamesh also powers up at lower health levels with Morphing Time, similar to the Sicariuses once their Guardians are dead.

Gilgamesh also shows up in Pleiades Lagoon as Boss Light.pngGilgamesh Prime. Except for the light affinity, there is no difference from Gilgamesh as he normally shows up.

Skill set[]

Gilgamesh's Challenge, First Anniversary actions:

Action Description
Tsubamegaeshi Minor Light Damage, no special effect
Whirlwind Slash Minor Light Damage, no special effect
X-Slash Moderate Light Damage, no special effect
Rift Breaker Heavy Light Damage, multistrike
Excalipoor tiny tiny Light damage. Seriously, it tickles.
Excalibur Moderate Light Damage, causes Break Defense Down (effect).png Break Defense Down or Faith (effect).pngFaith
Muramasa Moderate Fire Damage, causes Debarrier (enhanced effect).png Debarrier, or drains HP
Masamune Moderate Water Damage, causes Curse (effect).png Curse
Hurricane Minor Wind Damage, causes Stun (effect).png Stun, clears all orbs
Zantetsuken Heavy Earth Damage, causes Slow (effect).png Slow
Morphing Time Gives Gilgamesh 3 Turns of Barrier (effect).pngBarrier, Faith (effect).pngFaith, Snipe (effect).pngSnipe, and Break Defense Up (effect).pngBreak Defense Up

Gilgamesh's Gala[]

Gilgamesh's Gala had these added actions:

Action Description
Ultimama minor Light damage, Curse (effect).png Curse
Spellsword Stray minor Water damage, Break Defense Down (enhanced effect).png Break Defense Down
Gottadammerang light Earth damage, Snipe (effect).pngSnipe
Phantom Blush medium Light damage
Grape Gospel Adds Prismatic Shift to player, immediately followed by Hurricane to remove all orbs.
Spare Change? non-elemental multi-strike ability. Throws 1, 3, or 5 chunks of Icon Magicite.png Magicite at the player, dealing 20 damage per strike.
If player survives, they get to keep the Magicite. Does not count to the monthly limit.
Ultimeh - Spare Change? non-elemental multi-strike ability. Used at end of turn after reaching 1 HP. Throws 10 chunks of Magicite at the player, dealing 20 damage per strike.
Only used in Gilgamesh's Gala on floors 42-50, and the fifth node of each Phantasmic Coil loop.
If the player survives, they get to keep the Magicite. Does not count to the monthly limit.

At high levels (Gala level 42 and above) he also gains Perfect Defense (effect).pngPerfect Defense on reaching 1 HP, and throws a final Ultimeh - Spare Change? before falling. In the Phantasmic Coil, he will preemptively cast "Morphing Time".

Regions Gilgamesh Can Be Encountered[]

Gilgamesh Poses.jpg

Permanent Regions[]

Region Area
Pleiades Lagoon as Gilgamesh Prime Celaeno's Isle
Celaeno's Boon
Celaeno's Shade

Event Regions[]

The Character[]

Gilgamesh is a champion swordsman, wandering the multiverse in search of the greatest weapons to be found. He has high spirit... and a high ego to match. He tries to portray himself as an epic dramatic character, but usually ends up looking rather comedic instead.

The six swords Gilgamesh carries are:

  • Muramasa -- obtained from the ruins of Zanarkand in FFX.
  • Excalibur -- Gilgamesh's prized possession, culled from FFIX.
  • Excalipoor -- a cheap fake that Gilgamesh initially thought was Excalibur.
  • Masamune -- pulled from the river in FFVI; not Sephiroth's blade.
  • Hurricane -- a fan-like blade from FFXIII-2, renamed from the original Bashosen.
  • Zantetsuken -- Odin's weapon from FFVIII

Gilgamesh appears in Mobius Final Fantasy with the same form as his appearance in Final Fantasy XIII-2.


He initially shows up at the Tower of Trials during his usual search, but his encounter with Wol leaves him very concerned. In every world the swordsman has visited, he has found the Warrior of Light to be filled with justice, or passion, or something else that drives them to right the wrongs they see. But he sees none of that in Wol. This will NOT do. For the sake of The Way Things Ought To Be, Gilgamesh will work to "fire up his heart..." through intense training! And what better way than offering Gilgamesh's Challenge! By the end of the challenge, Gilgamesh is pleased, but it's just a start. He vows to keep the challenge going until Wol becomes an epic hero.

He reappeared as part of the procession of characters celebrating the First Anniversary, Part 1, where he offered a (small) challenge, then handed over one of his weapons: Muramasa.

In time, Gilgamesh returned to the Tower of Trials for Gilgamesh's Gala, along with a few friends that he picked up along the way: Ultros and Typhon. He added a few new tricks -- particularly the ever-popular "Spare Change?" attack where he throws Icon Magicite.png Magicite at you -- but still has the the same jovial if bumbling manner.

He continues to pop in and out of Palamecia, sometimes just checking in on his friend, sometimes bringing him a new rival... and sometimes just to enjoy a party! As a "reward" for completing Act 1 and vanquishing Chaos, Gilgamesh even invites Wol to his home, the Rift.

After Gilgamesh gets in on the Underground Coliseum Tournament, he admits that he's spent so much time around Palamecia that he starting to consider it home... an interesting change for the Wandering Vagabond.

Breaking the fourth wall[]

His dialogue in Gilgamesh's Challenge suggests that he has met the Warriors of Light from Final Fantasy I through XV, and he gives a quick summary of each one. He also seems aware of his status as a storyteller, and wants to make sure that Wol lives up to what's expected from a Final Fantasy game hero.

Wol's visit to the Rift allows him to see Gilgamesh "summoned" to another game world, apparently confirming that Gilgamesh is still active in his cross-game tripping... and suggesting that he's not entirely in control of the process.