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Gold Bomb
Gold Bomb fight.jpg

Third Exploration: Hunter Islands

Elements [LIFE]
Enemy Size Large
Drops Gold Bomb (Card)
A rare mutated variant of a common bomb.
~ In-Game Description

The Gold Bomb is one of the early special Fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy. It first appears in the Third Exploration region: Hunter Islands, and regularly appears in special events after that, usually where elementals tend to hang around.

Unlike the other elemental bombs, this one has only one attack: it immediately explodes (as a pre-emptive action!), taking out half of your HP. This isn't directly dangerous, since they can't actually kill you -- multiple Gold Bombs will each take half of your remaining HP -- but it can leave you in a low-HP state where other (non-Bomb) fiends CAN kill you.


Name Effect
Self-Destruct non-elemental, removes half of your HP


Gold Bomb can appear as an enemy in the following locations:

Hunter Islands
Yggdrasil Heal-oriented fiend areas.

Event appearances[]