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Gold Cactuar
Gold Cactuar fight.jpg

Shrine of Trials

Enemy Size Small
Drops Gold Cactuar (Card)

Gold Cactuar is one of the general fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy. It is used as a reward foe, since it drops the Gold Cactuar (Card), which can be sold for large amounts of Icon Gil.png Gil.

The Gold Cactuar is found as a permanent resident of the western Shrine of Trials, but is also frequently found in special areas of Event Regions.

Overall, the Gold Cactuar has a reasonably high Break Gauge, but a pathetically low HP (less than 1000). Most any decent Ability attack will kill it outright.


Name Effect
Attack Element Damage
100 Needles 100 Damage


Shrine of Trials[]

  • Gilded Treasury
  • N Gilded Gate
  • S Gilded Gate
  • NW Gilded Halls
  • NE Gilded Halls
  • SW Gilded Halls
  • SE Gilded Halls
  • Gilded Storehouse
  • Auric Treasury
  • N Auric Gate
  • S Auric Gate
  • NW Auric Halls
  • NE Auric Halls
  • SW Auric Halls
  • SE Auric Halls
  • Auric Storehouse