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Gold Chocobo
Lucky Gold Chocobo.jpg


Enemy Size Boss
Drops Gold Chocobo (Card)
Key Item: Icon Chocobo Feather.png Chocobo Feather
Rare Key Item:
Icon Lucky Feather.png Lucky Feather

The Gold Chocobo is one of the fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy.

  • [FIRE][WATER][WIND][EARTH] It is one of the starring fiends of the Chocobocalypse event, where it offers better prizes, but hits hard.
  • [LIGHT] It appears as a stronger foe in the First Anniversary, Part 1 event, where it wields Light element.
  • [FIRE][WATER][WIND][EARTH] During New Year's in Palamecia it indicates the player has hit the "Jackpot!", giving the best random prize for the region. This incarnation is (mostly) harmless, and comes with a Golden Moogle balanced on its head.


Name Effect
Attack Deals Elemental Damage
Chocokick Deals Elemental Damage
Choco-spell Deals Elemental Damage
Chocobrave Grants Brave (effect).pngBrave for 3 turns
Chocobarrier Grants Barrier (effect).pngBarrier for 3 turns
Chococure Restores HP
Chocostance Two Turn Attack
Deals Elemental Damage 7 times
It shakes its feathers Minor HP Restore

Mood Exclusive Attacks[]

Stages are increased when Gold Chocobo is broken or hit with an attack of the opposite element. After 1 full turn without that element's attack or break, the level will decrease by one.

Stage Timid Brave
Name Effect Name Effect
Zero It looks calm again N/A It looks calm again N/A
First It looks shaken It looks angry
Second It looks panicked It looks furious Grants Faith (effect).pngFaith for 2 turns
Third Escape! Battle Ends KWEH! Deals great Elemental Damage


Region Areas
Chocobocalypse All areas (rare encounter)
First Anniversary, Part 1 Chocobo section
New Year's in Palamecia All areas (rare encounter)