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Gold Gigantuar
Gold Gigantuar fight.jpg

Gigantuar Terrace

Enemy Size Large
Drops Gold Gigantuar (Card)

The Gold Gigantuar is one of the reward fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy. Like its smaller cousin the Gold Cactuar, it drops cards that can be sold for high amounts of Icon Gil.png Gil.

Overall it is a very weak opponent, and its hits are fairly light, but it has a very high Break point that must be overcome to kill it. When combat opens, its elemental affinity will be hidden. Hitting it with the right (or wrong!) element will reveal it.

Some of the collaboration events include a specific area that features the Gold Cactuar as a reward, while others can offer it as a rare random appearance. Otherwise, it can be easily found in the Gigantuar Terrace: Regrowth region.


Attack Element Damage
500 Needles 500 Damage
2000 Needles 2000 Damage


Event encounters[]