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[LIFE] Great Gospel
Support Icon.pngAdds Ailment Immunity, Weakness Weapon, Trance-All II, Ultimate Charge, Quicken, and Prismatic Shift.

Great Gospel is one of the Abilities in Mobius Final Fantasy.

Ability Details[]

ALv.AttackBreak PowerCrit ChanceCooldown
100 (0%)8
200 (0%)7
300 (0%)6
400 (0%)5
500 (0%)4
600 (0%)3

Extra Skills[]

Ability Level Required Skill
2 Icon Esuna.png Esuna
2 Icon Lasting Boons.png Lasting Boons
3 Icon Quick Cast.png Quick Cast
4 Icon Enhanced Boons.png Enhanced Boons
5 Icon Holy Cleansing.png Holy Cleansing
6 Icon Duration Boost.png Duration Boost
6 Icon Ability Ignition.png Ability Ignition

Ability Cards With Great Gospel[]