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Grudge General

Shrine of Trials

Enemy Size Medium
Drops Grudge General (Card)
A leader-class fiend born out of Chaos' blight.
~ In-Game Description

Grudge General is one of the rare "Gold Mutant" fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy. It appears in rare cases during the main storyline, and in a few of the Crossover events.

Like the other Gold Mutants, the Grudge General has a relatively high break point, but very low HP. Breaking it results in an easy kill.


Name Effect
Attack Elemental Damage


Originally, this fiend was readily findable in the upper part of the Shrine of Trials. With that region's removal, it currently has no guaranteed appearance.

Shrine of Trials[]

  • Adventurers' Shrine
  • Temple of Ordeals
  • Scandium of Ordeals
  • W Gate of Ordeals
  • E Gate of Ordeals
  • NW Halls of Ordeals
  • NE Halls of Ordeals
  • SW Halls of Ordeals
  • SE Halls of Ordeals
  • Auric Treasury
  • N Auric Gate
  • S Auric Gate
  • NW Auric Halls
  • NE Auric Halls
  • SW Auric Halls
  • SE Auric Halls
  • Auric Storehouse
  • Pagoda of Feats
  • N Gate of Feats
  • S Gate of Feats
  • NW Halls of Feats
  • NE Halls of Feats
  • SW Halls of Feats
  • SE Halls of Feats
  • Vault of Feats