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All of the Security Squad cards have the auto-ability "Guard Scorpion Manual". This increases the drop rate of Guard Scorpion cards by 200, if the Security Squad card is in the main deck. Using 4 different Security Squad cards in the main deck along with a strong sub-deck is recommend when farming Guard Scorpion cards.

This guide assumes the region has been completed before farming.

Only Summoned Cards with uncommon or rare Dropped cards are listed.

Part 1 - Released February 7th, 2016[]

Element Job Type Ability Name Summoned Card Dropped Card Region Location Notes
[LIGHT] Mage Icon.png Flash Grenade Jessie: FFVII REMAKE Guard Scorpion Mk.I Mako Reactor 2: Lower Levels Pressure Tube Switch Best Location
Additional Farming: Stone
Mako Regulator Entrance Additional Farming: Earth Cutter
Research Wing Hallway 1 Additional Farming: Firaga Impulse
[WIND] Support Icon.png Stun Nekomata Security: Nekomata Squad Mako Reactor 2: Upper Levels Storehouse: Switch Additional Farming: Faith
Additional Farming: Boost
Enlightenment Room Best Location
[EARTH] Warrior Icon.png Earth Fury Titan Security: Titan Squad Mako Reactor 1 Warehouse Entrance
[FIRE] Mage Icon.png Firaga Impulse Ashura Security: Ashura Squad Mako Reactor 2: Lower Levels High-Sec. Zone 1
Mako Bulkhead Door
Research Wing Hallway 1 Additional Farming: Flash Grenade
[EARTH] Ranger Icon.png Earth Cutter Deathgaze Security: Deathgaze Squad Mako Reactor 2: Lower Levels Mako Regulator Entrance Additional Farming: Flash Grenade
High-Sec. Zone 2
Research Wing Hallway 2
[WIND] Warrior Icon.png Wind Cross Fenghuang Abyssan Buster (Wind) Mako Reactor 1 Sorting Room
[EARTH] Mage Icon.png Stoneja Gabrielle Abyssan Druid (Earth) Mako Reactor 1 Mako Reactor 1: Core
[FIRE] Ranger Icon.png Flamestrike Camelot Abyssan Raider (Fire) Mako Reactor 1 Interview Room: Switch