Haste (boon)

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Haste (effect).png
Haste (boon)
Number of actions per turn increased.

Haste (boon) is one of the boons in Mobius Final Fantasy. It increases the number of actions a character can take by 50% (rounded up). So if a character can take 7 actions per turn, with this boon it can take 11 actions.

It is the opposite of Slow (effect).png Slow.

Wol's Abilities that cause Haste (boon)[edit | edit source]

See Category:Actions Up Cards

Element Card Name Ability Name Number of Turns

(with Lasting Boons)

Extra Boons
[LIFE] Aerith & Tifa: FFRK (Card) Lifestream 3? Draws 4 element orbs. Faith (effect).pngFaith
Cindy: FFXV (Card) Service 4 (without Lasting Boons: 2) Barrier (effect).pngBarrier
Hermes (Card) Haste 5 -
Wedge: FFVII REMAKE (Card) Soma Drop 3 Drain (effect).pngDrain
Garuda: FFXIV (Card) The Eye of the Storm 4 Quicken + Cleaving Attack
The Undying: FFXII (Card) Enrage 4 Snipe (effect).pngSnipe + Drain (effect).pngDrain

Fiend Abilities that cause Haste (boon)[edit | edit source]

Fiend Name Ability Name Range Number of Turns