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Immune to ailments (effect).png
Immune to ailments (boon)
Immune to all status ailments except Taunt.

Immune to ailments (boon) is one of the boons in Mobius Final Fantasy. It blocks all status ailments for 1 turn except Taunt.

Abilities that cause Immune to ailments (boon)[]

Element Ability Card Type Number of Turns
(with Lasting Boons)
Other Boons
[LIFE] Great Gospel Aerith: FFVII (Card) Enhanced 2 Weakness Weapon, Trance-All II, Ultimate Charge, Quicken, Prismatic Shift
[LIFE] Limitless Potential Lights of Hope (Card) Enhanced 2 Faith (enhanced effect).pngFaith, Boost (enhanced effect).pngBoost, Snipe (enhanced effect).pngSnipe, Barrier (enhanced effect).pngBarrier, Wall (enhanced effect).pngWall, Ultimate Charge
[LIFE] One Quiet Morning The Calm (Card) Enhanced 2 Full Esuna, Divine Shield (enhanced effect).pngDivine Shield, Omnidrive
[LIFE] Choco Esuna Chocobo Saint (Card) Square 2 Full Esuna
[LIFE] A Present The Yellow Ribbon (Card) Square 3 -