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Despair echoes from the planetary depths. Wield the power of materia and challenge the hero from the skies.

~ In-game description

Last Calling is a Ranked "battle tower" event offered as part of the Final Fantasy VII Collaboration Events. It features solo battles against Sephiroth.

Event Details[]

  • First instance: February 22 – March 1, 2018
  • Second instance: December 17 – 31, 2018
  • Event type: progressive Tower Battle

How to Participate[]

Last Calling world map.jpg
  • Select "FFVII: Last Calling" from the Act 1 world map -- off of the red "Specials" hub.
  • This event is only accessible after a player clears the Runic Temple in Chapter 1


After the events of Fatal Calling, Wol shows up back at the Northern Cavern to find Sephiroth waiting for him. Despite Echo's panic, Wol leaps straight into the fray... and Sephiroth disperses in a cloud of black feathers at the first strike. So... not the real Sephiroth, but an echo of the real one's presence; possibly a result of Palamecia's uniquely adversarial nature. This will need to be cleaned out.

After eliminating a few, er, echoes, Echo asks how it feels to take on THE Sephiroth. Wol isn’t particularly satisfied, since these are weak copies. Why bother if they aren’t strong enough to win? But at least he still gets to complain, says Echo.

Echo gets a brilliant idea: a picture of Wol fighting Sephiroth! Well, fake Seph, but who'd know the difference? Or maybe a picture with Seph and Echo... or maybe a selfie that Seph can share with his fans!? Wol has no idea what she’s talking about.

Sephiroth likes Palamecia.jpg

And how does he wield such a long sword? Never mind using it, how does he draw it? Let's just say it takes a great swordsman... and Wol includes himself amongst that number.

But at the end of the path, Sephiroth offers a strong verbal challenge... and Wol stops. Our hero recognizes that he's still far outclassed by the champion of despair. If this is still a copy, Wol shudders to think of what kind of power the real one can muster. This Sephiroth comments that Palamecia is growing on him. He'll stick around a while.... and vanishes in a puff of darkness. Ultimate showdowns will have to wait for another time.

Event Map[]

Last Calling map.jpeg

Despair echoes from the planetary depths. Wield the power of materia and challenge the hero from the skies.
~ World Map description

The original Feb 2018 event allowed use of Materia commands, giving an extra set of up to 6 actions that could be used in this conflict. Depending on how much materia the player has gathered in Fatal Calling, these can be major spells.... and these were essential for victory once the player reached the final areas of the map. Subsequent appearances dropped the Materia use (and re-balanced difficulties), allowing anyone to participate.

The progression is a linear one on this event, going from the outer surface down and in to the central space amongst the Planet Depths. Along the way, the player will change maps twice, but the progression maintains a single path. Enemies along the way comprise a comprehensive medley of the enemies from Fatal Calling, as well as both the current and original enemies from Eclipse Contact. Each area finishes with a solo fight against Boss None.png Sephiroth Copy. As in other ranked events, Sephiroth starts out very easy to beat, but gets progressively harder with each victory.

Clearing an area also drops a Sephiroth Copy (Card), useful to upgrade the Sephiroth: DISSIDIA FF (Card) handed over as a gift at the beginning of the FFVII Campaign. The player can teleport back to previously completed areas at any time. Since only the areas on the current map are visible, the player must again defeat the transitional areas to switch to the previous maps. Repeating previously cleared areas will earn more cards, but does not increase the player's kill count or ranking.

After completing The Last Battle , the player enters the Phantasmic Coil areas. This is a set of 4 areas that repeat in an infinite loop, also with an increasing difficulty with each area finished. Players here do not get a fifth "rental" card, and cannot use Icon Phoenix Down.png Phoenix Down to revive if defeated. Each cycle through the 4 Phantasmic Coil areas will get a reward of Icon Ability Ticket.png Ability Ticket x7.

There are 17 total areas and 13 treasure chests. Since the last treasure chest (in the Phantasmic Coil) automatically regenerates, the last chest can technically never be completed.


Area Stamina Battles Enemies (except Sephiroth) Treasure 1 Treasure 2
Northern Cavern - Caldera - - - (starting point)
Northern Cavern - Outer Ring 1 3 2 Security: Medical Team Fire x2 Icon Phoenix Down.png Phoenix Down x3 Icon Summon Ticket.png Summon Ticket x1
Northern Cavern - Outer Ring 2 3 3 Guard Hound Wind, Earth, Light
Security: Nekomata Squad Water x2
Icon Elixir.png Elixir x3 Icon Phoenix Down.png Phoenix Down x3
Icon Elixir.png Elixir x3
Northern Cavern - Inner Entrance 3 3 [FIRE] Hedgehog Pie x2
Security: Titan Squad Fire, Wind, Earth
Icon Ether.png Ether x3 Icon Magicite.png Magicite x500
Icon Ether.png Ether x3
Northern Cavern - Interior 1 4 3 [FIRE] Hedgehog Pie x3
Security: Deathgaze Squad Earth, Wind, Water
Icon Crystal.png Crystal x3 Icon Crystal.png Crystal x7
Northern Cavern - Interior 2 4 3 Security: Ashura Squad Water, Earth, Fire, Water
Security: Ixion Squad Water, Earth, Wind, Earth
Icon Bronze Opener.png Bronze Opener x3 Icon Gold Opener.png Gold Opener x2
Northern Cavern - Interior 3 4 3 Security: Mateus Squad Wind x3, Earth x2
Security: Ramuh Squad Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Water
Icon Gigantuar Bulb.png Gigantuar Bulb★3 x1 Icon Gigantuar Bulb.png Gigantuar Bulb★3 x1
Northern Cavern - Interior 4 5 3 Security: Kurohabaki Squad Fire x2, Dark, Light
Security: Mermaid Squad Water x2, Fire, Dark
Seed fire.png Fire x77,777
Seed dark.png Dark x77,777
Seed fire.png Fire x200,000
Seed dark.png Dark x200,000
Northern Cavern - Interior 5 5 3 Security: Manticore Squad Wind x2, Water, Fire
Security: Ghost Ship Squad Earth x2, Wind, Water
Seed water.png Water x77,777
Seed light.png Light x77,777
Seed water.png Water x200,000
Seed light.png Light x200,000
Planet Depths - Entrance 5 3 Security: Evil Eye Squad Light x2, Earth, Wind
Security: Acheron Squad Dark x2, Light, Earth
Seed wind.png Wind x77,777
Seed earth.png Earth x77,777
Seed wind.png Wind x200,000
Seed earth.png Earth x200,000
Planet Depths 1 6 3 [FIRE] Hedgehog Pie Large size! x4
[WATER] Proto-SOLDIER: Sapphire x4
Icon Mog Amulet.png Mog Amulet x1 Icon Mog Amulet.png Mog Amulet x1
Planet Depths 2 6 3 [FIRE] Hedgehog Pie Huge size! x2
[FIRE] Proto-SOLDIER: Ruby x4
Icon Ability Ticket.png Ability Ticket x20 Icon Ability Ticket.png Ability Ticket x20
The Last Battle 6 3 Boss Wind.png Guard Scorpion Mk.I
Boss Wind.png Guard Scorpion Mk.I x2
Icon Summon Ticket.png Summon Ticket x1
Icon Magicite.png Magicite x500
Icon Summon Ticket.png Summon Ticket x4
Phantasmic Coil 1 8 3 [EARTH][FIRE]Guard Hound large size, [LIGHT] Proto-SOLDIER: Diamond x4
Boss Fire.pngIfrit (Sicarius), Boss Water.pngShiva (Sicarius)
- -
Phantasmic Coil 2 8 3 [FIRE]Hedgehog Pie x2, [WIND] Proto-SOLDIER: Emerald x4
Boss Dark.pngBahamut (Sicarius), Boss Water.pngShiva (Sicarius)
- -
Phantasmic Coil 3 8 3 [DARK] Proto-SOLDIER: Ultima x3, [DARK] Proto-SOLDIER: Omega x2
Boss Fire.pngIfrit (Sicarius), Boss Dark.pngBahamut (Sicarius)
- -
Phantasmic Coil 4 9 3 [DARK] Proto-SOLDIER: Ultima x3, [DARK] Proto-SOLDIER: Omega x2
Boss Light.pngBoss Dark.pngGuard Scorpion Mk.III x2
Icon Ability Ticket.png Ability Ticket x7 Icon Ability Ticket.png Ability Ticket x7

Starting with the Planet Depths - Entrance area, Sephiroth gets a pre-emptive casting of Heartless Angel, dropping you to 1 HP. Immediate heals are necessary if you hope to withstand his first onslaught, and it's pointless to heal yourself to full HP before entering the final skirmish against him. Healing boons are useful, though.

Starting with Planet Depths 2, the Proto-SOLDIERs get a pre-emptive hit with their elemental Ray spells, then cast Silence on you, preventing use of any Abilities for 1 round. Materia commands can still be used. In the Dec 2018 instance, the Proto-SOLDIERs no longer applied Silence.

Ranking Rewards[]

Final Ranking Rewards Feb 2018 Rewards Dec 2018
1 – 500
501 – 1000
1001 – 3000
3001 – 10,000
Participation bonus


Original Eclipse Contact enemies New Eclipse Contact
and Fatal Calling enemies
Fatal Calling specific enemies

Item Shop Sale[]

During the event, an extra sale was active: