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[LIFE] Lightforce
Healer Icon.pngOnly draw light orbs for several turns. Adds dark resistance.
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Lightforce (ability) is one of the Abilities in Mobius Final Fantasy.

Grants Lightforce (effect).pngLightforce for 3 turns, and 6 points of Resist Dark (effect).pngResist Dark.

Restores 10% of HP when cast.

It is granted from certain Dropped Cards and Summoned Cards.

Ability Details[]

ALv.AttackBreak PowerCrit ChanceCooldown
100 (0%)8
200 (0%)7
300 (0%)6
400 (0%)5
500 (0%)4
600 (0%)3

Extra Skills[]

Ability Level Required Skill Requirement Effect
2 Icon Enhanced Life.png Enhanced Life - Increases HP restored by 10%.
3 Icon Elemental Bounty.png Elemental Bounty - Refunds 2 orbs of the element used.
4 Icon Quick Cast.png Quick Cast ★3 Card or higher Abilities cost zero actions.
5 Icon Imbue Light.png Imbue Light ★4 Card or higher Grants Light Weapon (effect).pngLight Weapon for 3 turns.
Normal attacks do Light damage for 3 turns.
6 Icon Enhanced Light.png Enhanced Light ★5 Card only Grants Light Boost (effect).pngLight Boost for 3 turns.
Light Boost (effect).pngLight Boost increases Light damage dealt for a certain number of turns.
6 Icon Enhanced Light.png Enhanced Light ★5 Card only

Ability Cards With Lightforce (ability)[]