Melon Bomb
Melon Bomb fight.jpg

Summer Resort: Melon Mashing

Elements Water Icon.png plus Fire Icon.png Earth Icon.png
Enemy Size Small, Medium, Large
Drops Icon Magicite.png Magicite

You may be looking instead for the Melon Bomb (Sicarius), which appears in the multiplayer event.

It's supposed to be a chilled watermelon but.....!?
~ Calendar Description

The Melon Bomb is one of the special Event Fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy, found during the Summer Resort campaign at the Melon Mashing region. The Bomb is largely used as a challenge for great prizes, but doesn't offer much danger.

In the Melon Mashing region, the Melons will appear in groups of 1-4, with Water Icon.pngWater affinity, in small and medium sizes. The main objective is to kill them in some preferred manner, to advance closer to the center line of the Region Map. The prevailing theory is that this requires either breaking the Bombs or killing the Bombs with the opposite element, but this has not been confirmed by the user community. In large measure this can be made easy with judicious use of Aerith: FFVII (Card) and/or a good Fire Icon.pngFire ability.

However, the Sixth Step immediately surrounding the Center (offering paths to the Grand Prize at 7th Step: Winner) specifically offers two variants: a large Fire Icon.pngFire Bomb and a small Earth Icon.pngEarth Bomb. These MUST be killed with their opposite elements (either a Water/Wind spell, or a Water/Wind imbued normal attack) to gain the path to the Grand Prize.

Every appearance starts with a set of comments from the Bombs, indicating either your current specific challenge, or how you did on your previous challenge. The Bombs only have one real action -- a basic Attack -- so the overall threat of these creatures is quite low.

The largest version only appears at the 7th Step: Winner! area, but like the rest of the Melon Bombs, it offers little threat.


Action Description
Welcome to the main event!

Where we find out: can you break us?
Go Away!

First Step dialogue
Phew! That was close!

Can you see straight? Huh, can you?

Wrong move on the previous area.
It feels... good!?

Spin, spin, spin!
Right!? Left!? Where it goes, nobody knows!

Correct move on the previous area.
Try your luck!
Manage to pinpoint my weakness...
and you'll inch ever closer to the prize!
Fourth step, on the outer edge.
Failure here loses your chance for the Grand Prize.
This is your last chance...
your last chance to hit it big!
You already know me. Now meet...

Manage to pinpoint both our weaknesses...
and you'll be showered with riches!

Sixth step, around the center three areas.
Wow, you're the big winner!
7th step: Winner!
Oh no... did you mess up?


7th step, and you missed.
Attack normal attack (why is it still alive at this point?)

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