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return {
	["ifrit components"] = {icon="Icon Ifrit Drops.png", name="Ifrit Components"},
	["ifrit claw"] = {icon="Icon Ifrit Drops.png", name="Ifrit Claw"},
	["ifrit armor"] = {icon="Icon Ifrit Drops.png", name="Ifrit Armor"},
	["ifrit quartz"] = {icon="Icon Ifrit Drops.png", name="Ifrit Quartz"},
	["ifrit's temerity"] = {icon="Icon Ifrit Drops.png", name="Ifrit's Temerity", timed=true},
	["ifrit's soul"] = {icon="Icon Ifrit Drops.png", name="Ifrit's Soul", timed=true},
	["belias components"] = {icon="Icon Belias Drops.png", name="Belias Components"},
	["belias claw"] = {icon="Icon Belias Drops.png", name="Belias Claw"},
	["belias armor"] = {icon="Icon Belias Drops.png", name="Belias Armor"},
	["belias quartz"] = {icon="Icon Belias Drops.png", name="Belias Quartz"},
	["belias's cinders"] = {icon="Icon Belias Drops.png", name="Belias's Cinders", timed=true},
	["belias's soul"] = {icon="Icon Belias Drops.png", name="Belias's Soul", timed=true},
	["belias's treasure"] = {icon="Icon Belias Drops.png", name="Belias's Treasure"},
	["brynhildr components"] = {icon="Icon Brynhildr Drops.png", name="Brynhildr Components"},
	["brynhildr quartz"] = {icon="Icon Brynhildr Drops.png", name="Brynhildr Quartz"},
	["brynhildr's blaze"] = {icon="Icon Brynhildr Drops.png", name="Brynhildr's Blaze", timed=true},
	["brynhildr's soul"] = {icon="Icon Brynhildr Drops.png", name="Brynhildr's Soul", timed=true},
	["shiva components"] = {icon="Icon Shiva Drops.png", name="Shiva Components"},
	["shiva claw"] = {icon="Icon Shiva Drops.png", name="Shiva Claw"},
	["shiva armor"] = {icon="Icon Shiva Drops.png", name="Shiva Armor"},
	["shiva quartz"] = {icon="Icon Shiva Drops.png", name="Shiva Quartz"},
	["shiva's kiss"] = {icon="Icon Shiva Drops.png", name="Shiva's Kiss", timed=true},
	["shiva's soul"] = {icon="Icon Shiva Drops.png", name="Shiva's Soul", timed=true},
	["famfrit components"] = {icon="Icon Famfrit Drops.png", name="Famfrit Components"},
	["famfrit claw"] = {icon="Icon Famfrit Drops.png", name="Famfrit Claw"},
	["famfrit armor"] = {icon="Icon Famfrit Drops.png", name="Famfrit Armor"},
	["famfrit quartz"] = {icon="Icon Famfrit Drops.png", name="Famfrit Quartz"},
	["famfrit's jug"] = {icon="Icon Famfrit Drops.png", name="Famfrit's Jug", timed=true},
	["famfrit's soul"] = {icon="Icon Famfrit Drops.png", name="Famfrit's Soul", timed=true},
	["famfrit's treasure"] = {icon="Icon Famfrit Drops.png", name="Famfrit's Treasure"},
	["leviathan components"] = {icon="Icon Leviathan Drops.png", name="Leviathan Components"},
	["leviathan quartz"] = {icon="Icon Leviathan Drops.png", name="Leviathan Quartz"},
	["leviathan's scale"] = {icon="Icon Leviathan Drops.png", name="Leviathan's Scale", timed=true},
	["leviathan's soul"] = {icon="Icon Leviathan Drops.png", name="Leviathan's Soul", timed=true},
	["odin components"] = {icon="Icon Odin Drops.png", name="Odin Components"},
	["odin claw"] = {icon="Icon Odin Drops.png", name="Odin Claw"},
	["odin armor"] = {icon="Icon Odin Drops.png", name="Odin Armor"},
	["odin quartz"] = {icon="Icon Odin Drops.png", name="Odin Quartz"},
	["odin's mastery"] = {icon="Icon Odin Drops.png", name="Odin's Mastery", timed=true},
	["odin's soul"] = {icon="Icon Odin Drops.png", name="Odin's Soul", timed=true},
	["adrammelech components"] = {icon="Icon Adrammelech Drops.png", name="Adrammelech Components"},
	["adrammelech claw"] = {icon="Icon Adrammelech Drops.png", name="Adrammelech Claw"},
	["adrammelech armor"] = {icon="Icon Adrammelech Drops.png", name="Adrammelech Armor"},
	["adrammelech quartz"] = {icon="Icon Adrammelech Drops.png", name="Adrammelech Quartz"},
	["adrammelech's fury"] = {icon="Icon Adrammelech Drops.png", name="Adrammelech's Fury", timed=true},
	["adrammelech's soul"] = {icon="Icon Adrammelech Drops.png", name="Adrammelech's Soul", timed=true},
	["adrammelech's treasure"] = {icon="Icon Adrammelech Drops.png", name="Adrammelech's Treasure"},
	["chaos components"] = {icon="Icon Chaos Drops.png", name="Chaos Components"},
	["chaos quartz"] = {icon="Icon Chaos Drops.png", name="Chaos Quartz"},
	["chaos's eddies"] = {icon="Icon Chaos Drops.png", name="Chaos's Eddies", timed=true},
	["chaos's soul"] = {icon="Icon Chaos Drops.png", name="Chaos's Soul", timed=true},
	["hashmal components"] = {icon="Icon Hashmal Drops.png", name="Hashmal Components"},
	["hashmal claw"] = {icon="Icon Hashmal Drops.png", name="Hashmal Claw"},
	["hashmal armor"] = {icon="Icon Hashmal Drops.png", name="Hashmal Armor"},
	["hashmal quartz"] = {icon="Icon Hashmal Drops.png", name="Hashmal Quartz"},
	["hashmal's rule"] = {icon="Icon Hashmal Drops.png", name="Hashmal's Rule", timed=true},
	["hashmal's soul"] = {icon="Icon Hashmal Drops.png", name="Hashmal's Soul", timed=true},
	["hecatoncheir components"] = {icon="Icon Hecatoncheir Drops.png", name="Hecatoncheir Components"},
	["hecatoncheir claw"] = {icon="Icon Hecatoncheir Drops.png", name="Hecatoncheir Claw"},
	["hecatoncheir armor"] = {icon="Icon Hecatoncheir Drops.png", name="Hecatoncheir Armor"},
	["hecatoncheir quartz"] = {icon="Icon Hecatoncheir Drops.png", name="Hecatoncheir Quartz"},
	["hecatoncheir's fist"] = {icon="Icon Hecatoncheir Drops.png", name="Hecatoncheir's Fist", timed=true},
	["hecatoncheir's soul"] = {icon="Icon Hecatoncheir Drops.png", name="Hecatoncheir's Soul", timed=true},
	["hecatoncheir's treasure"] = {icon="Icon Hecatoncheir Drops.png", name="Hecatoncheir's Treasure"},
	["exodus components"] = {icon="Icon Exodus Drops.png", name="Exodus Components"},
	["exodus quartz"] = {icon="Icon Exodus Drops.png", name="Exodus Quartz"},
	["exodus's contempt"] = {icon="Icon Exodus Drops.png", name="Exodus's Contempt", timed=true},
	["exodus's soul"] = {icon="Icon Exodus Drops.png", name="Exodus's Soul", timed=true},
	["yojimbo components"] = {icon="Icon Yojimbo Drops.png", name="Yojimbo Components"},
	["yojimbo quartz"] = {icon="Icon Yojimbo Drops.png", name="Yojimbo Quartz"},
	["yojimbo's cap"] = {icon="Icon Yojimbo Drops.png", name="Yojimbo's Cap", timed=true},
	["yojimbo's soul"] = {icon="Icon Yojimbo Drops.png", name="Yojimbo's Soul", timed=true},
	["ultima components"] = {icon="Icon Ultima Drops.png", name="Ultima Components"},
	["ultima claw"] = {icon="Icon Ultima Drops.png", name="Ultima Claw"},
	["ultima armor"] = {icon="Icon Ultima Drops.png", name="Ultima Armor"},
	["ultima quartz"] = {icon="Icon Ultima Drops.png", name="Ultima Quartz"},
	["ultima's gaze"] = {icon="Icon Ultima Drops.png", name="Ultima's Gaze", timed=true},
	["ultima's soul"] = {icon="Icon Ultima Drops.png", name="Ultima's Soul", timed=true},
	["alexander components"] = {icon="Icon Alexander Drops.png", name="Alexander Components"},
	["alexander claw"] = {icon="Icon Alexander Drops.png", name="Alexander Claw"},
	["alexander armor"] = {icon="Icon Alexander Drops.png", name="Alexander Armor"},
	["alexander quartz"] = {icon="Icon Alexander Drops.png", name="Alexander Quartz"},
	["alexander's crown"] = {icon="Icon Alexander Drops.png", name="Alexander's Crown", timed=true},
	["alexander's soul"] = {icon="Icon Alexander Drops.png", name="Alexander's Soul", timed=true},
	["alexander's treasure"] = {icon="Icon Alexander Drops.png", name="Alexander's Treasure"},
	["valefor components"] = {icon="Icon Valefor Drops.png", name="Valefor Components"},
	["valefor quartz"] = {icon="Icon Valefor Drops.png", name="Valefor Quartz"},
	["valefor's halo"] = {icon="Icon Valefor Drops.png", name="Valefor's Halo", timed=true},
	["valefor's soul"] = {icon="Icon Valefor Drops.png", name="Valefor's Soul", timed=true},
	["lightning components"] = {icon="Icon Lightning Drops.png", name="Lightning Components"},
	["lightning quartz"] = {icon="Icon Lightning Drops.png", name="Lightning Quartz"},
	["lightning's brilliance"] = {icon="Icon Lightning Drops.png", name="Lightning's Brilliance", timed=true},
	["lightning's soul"] = {icon="Icon Lightning Drops.png", name="Lightning's Soul", timed=true},
	["the ultima weapon components"] = {icon="Icon Ultima Weapon Drops.png", name="The Ultima Weapon Components"},
	["the ultima weapon quartz"] = {icon="Icon Ultima Weapon Drops.png", name="The Ultima Weapon Quartz"},
	["the ultima weapon wing"] = {icon="Icon Ultima Weapon Drops.png", name="The Ultima Weapon Wing", timed=true},
	["the heart of sabik"] = {icon="Icon Ultima Weapon Drops.png", name="The Heart of Sabik", timed=true},
	["anima components"] = {icon="Icon Anima Drops.png", name="Anima Components"},
	["anima claw"] = {icon="Icon Anima Drops.png", name="Anima Claw"},
	["anima armor"] = {icon="Icon Anima Drops.png", name="Anima Armor"},
	["anima quartz"] = {icon="Icon Anima Drops.png", name="Anima Quartz"},
	["anima's tear"] = {icon="Icon Anima Drops.png", name="Anima's Tear", timed=true},
	["anima's soul"] = {icon="Icon Anima Drops.png", name="Anima's Soul", timed=true},
	["bahamut components"] = {icon="Icon Bahamut Drops.png", name="Bahamut Components"},
	["bahamut claw"] = {icon="Icon Bahamut Drops.png", name="Bahamut Claw"},
	["bahamut armor"] = {icon="Icon Bahamut Drops.png", name="Bahamut Armor"},
	["bahamut quartz"] = {icon="Icon Bahamut Drops.png", name="Bahamut Quartz"},
	["bahamut's calamity"] = {icon="Icon Bahamut Drops.png", name="Bahamut's Calamity", timed=true},
	["bahamut's soul"] = {icon="Icon Bahamut Drops.png", name="Bahamut's Soul", timed=true},
	["bahamut's treasure"] = {icon="Icon Bahamut Drops.png", name="Bahamut's Treasure"},
	["zalera components"] = {icon="Icon Zalera Drops.png", name="Zalera Components"},
	["zalera quartz"] = {icon="Icon Zalera Drops.png", name="Zalera Quartz"},
	["zalera's bloodlet"] = {icon="Icon Zalera Drops.png", name="Zalera's Bloodlet", timed=true},
	["zalera's soul"] = {icon="Icon Zalera Drops.png", name="Zalera's Soul", timed=true},
	["tyro components"] = {icon="Icon Tyro Drops.png", name="Tyro Components"},
	["tyro's quill"] = {icon="Icon Tyro Drops.png", name="Tyro's Quill"},
	["tyro's pencil"] = {icon="Icon Tyro Drops.png", name="Tyro's Pencil"},
	["tyro's notebook"] = {icon="Icon Tyro Drops.png", name="Tyro's Notebook"},
	["tyro quartz"] = {icon="Icon Tyro Drops.png", name="Tyro Quartz"},
	["tyro's lunch box"] = {icon="Icon Tyro Drops.png", name="Tyro's Lunch Box", timed=true},
	["sephiroth components"] = {icon="Icon Sephiroth Drops.png", name="Sephiroth Components"},
	["sephiroth's feather"] = {icon="Icon Sephiroth Drops.png", name="Sephiroth's Feather"},
	["sephiroth's wing"] = {icon="Icon Sephiroth Drops.png", name="Sephiroth's Wing", timed=true},
	["jenova cell"] = {icon="Icon Sephiroth Drops.png", name="Jenova Cell", timed=true},
	["melon fragment"] = {icon="Icon Melon Bomb Drops.png", name="Melon Fragment"},
	["earth melon"] = {icon="Icon Earth Melon Bomb Drops.png", name="Earth Melon", timed=true},
	["fire melon"] = {icon="Icon Fire Melon Bomb Drops.png", name="Fire Melon", timed=true},
	["light melon"] = {icon="Icon Light Melon Bomb Drops.png", name="Light Melon", timed=true},
	["water melon"] = {icon="Icon Water Melon Bomb Drops.png", name="Water Melon", timed=true},
	["wind melon"] = {icon="Icon Wind Melon Bomb Drops.png", name="Wind Melon", timed=true},
	["valor dark"] = {icon="Icon Crystal of Valor Dark Drops.png", name="Crystal of Valor: Dark"},
	["valor light"] = {icon="Icon Crystal of Valor Light Drops.png", name="Crystal of Valor: Light"},
	["valor water"] = {icon="Icon Crystal of Valor Water Drops.png", name="Crystal of Valor: Water"},
	["squall components"] = {icon="Icon Squall Drops.png", name="Squall Components"},
	["squall quartz"] = {icon="Icon Squall Drops.png", name="Squall Quartz"},
	["ultimecia components"] = {icon="Icon Ultimecia Drops.png", name="Ultimecia Components"},
	["ultimecia quartz"] = {icon="Icon Ultimecia Drops.png", name="Ultimecia Quartz"},
	["cloud components"] = {icon="Icon Cloud Drops.png", name="Cloud Components"},
	["cloud quartz"] = {icon="Icon Cloud Drops.png", name="Cloud Quartz"},
	["extreme ifrit components"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Ifrit Drops.png", name="Extreme Ifrit Components"},
	["extreme ifrit quartz"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Ifrit Drops.png", name="Extreme Ifrit Quartz"},
	["extreme ifrit's temerity"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Ifrit Drops.png", name="Extreme Ifrit's Temerity"},
	["extreme shiva components"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Shiva Drops.png", name="Extreme Shiva Components"},
	["extreme shiva quartz"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Shiva Drops.png", name="Extreme Shiva Quartz"},
	["extreme shiva's kiss"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Shiva Drops.png", name="Extreme Shiva's Kiss"},
	["extreme odin components"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Odin Drops.png", name="Extreme Odin Components"},
	["extreme odin quartz"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Odin Drops.png", name="Extreme Odin Quartz"},
	["extreme odin's mastery"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Odin Drops.png", name="Extreme Odin's Mastery"},
	["extreme hashmal components"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Hashmal Drops.png", name="Extreme Hashmal Components"},
	["extreme hashmal quartz"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Hashmal Drops.png", name="Extreme Hashmal Quartz"},
	["extreme hashmal's rule"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Hashmal Drops.png", name="Extreme Hashmal's Rule"},
	["extreme ultima components"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Ultima Drops.png", name="Extreme Ultima Components"},
	["extreme ultima quartz"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Ultima Drops.png", name="Extreme Ultima Quartz"},
	["extreme ultima's gaze"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Ultima Drops.png", name="Extreme Ultima's Gaze"},
	["extreme anima components"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Anima Drops.png", name="Extreme Anima Components"},
	["extreme anima quartz"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Anima Drops.png", name="Extreme Anima Quartz"},
	["extreme anima's tear"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Anima Drops.png", name="Extreme Anima's Tear"},
	["extreme belias components"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Belias Drops.png", name="Extreme Belias Components"},
	["extreme belias quartz"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Belias Drops.png", name="Extreme Belias Quartz"},
	["extreme belias's cinders"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Belias Drops.png", name="Extreme Belias's Cinders"},
	["extreme famfrit components"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Famfrit Drops.png", name="Extreme Famfrit Components"},
	["extreme famfrit quartz"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Famfrit Drops.png", name="Extreme Famfrit Quartz"},
	["extreme famfrit's jug"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Famfrit Drops.png", name="Extreme Famfrit's Jug"},
	["extreme adrammelech components"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Adrammelech Drops.png", name="Extreme Adrammelech Components"},
	["extreme adrammelech quartz"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Adrammelech Drops.png", name="Extreme Adrammelech Quartz"},
	["extreme adrammelech's fury"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Adrammelech Drops.png", name="Extreme Adrammelech's Fury"},
	["extreme hecatoncheir components"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Hecatoncheir Drops.png", name="Extreme Hecatoncheir Components"},
	["extreme hecatoncheir quartz"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Hecatoncheir Drops.png", name="Extreme Hecatoncheir Quartz"},
	["extreme hecatoncheir's fist"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Hecatoncheir Drops.png", name="Extreme Hecatoncheir's Fist"},
	["extreme alexander components"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Alexander Drops.png", name="Extreme Alexander Components"},
	["extreme alexander quartz"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Alexander Drops.png", name="Extreme Alexander Quartz"},
	["extreme alexander's crown"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Alexander Drops.png", name="Extreme Alexander's Crown"},
	["extreme bahamut components"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Bahamut Drops.png", name="Extreme Bahamut Components"},
	["extreme bahamut quartz"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Bahamut Drops.png", name="Extreme Bahamut Quartz"},
	["extreme bahamut's calamity"] = {icon="Icon Extreme Bahamut Drops.png", name="Extreme Bahamut's Calamity"},
	["zenos components"] = {icon="Icon Zenos Drops.png", name="Zenos Components"},
	["zenos quartz"] = {icon="Icon Zenos Drops.png", name="Zenos Quartz"},
	["zenos's helm"] = {icon="Icon Zenos Drops.png", name="Zenos's Helm"},
	["zenos's blades"] = {icon="Icon Zenos Drops.png", name="Zenos's Blades"},