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A moogle Wol saved from certain doom.

As all moogles share a collective memory, the whole species feels indebted to Wol.

To repay his debt, Mog guides his "master" in becoming the Warrior of Light.

Despite his youth, he seems to know much about the prophecy.

~ In-game description

Mog is one of the characters in Mobius Final Fantasy.

He is saved from a fiend attack by Wol early in the game and joins Wol as a companion for his travels. Unlike Echo, Mog does not join Wol in battle but does provide occasional commentary during his time as a party member.


Like many inhabitants of Palamecia, Mog is a devout believer in The Prophecy which foretells the coming of the Warrior of Light. This manifests itself as Mog's deep seated desire to become Wol's friend so that he might play that role in The Prophecy.

Mog has a bright and sunny disposition, never letting Wol's attitude or doubt cloud his hope for the future or belief in the prophecy.



  • Shares a name with another Moogle party member from Final Fantasy VI

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