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Omega (Dark)
Omega Dark fight.jpg

Omega and the Azure Witch's Revenge

Elements [DARK]
Enemy Size Boss
Drops Omega (Dark)(Card)
Rare Drop: Icon Crystal.png Crystal
An ancient civilization devised this tool of slaughter.
~ In-Game Description

[DARK] Omega (Dark) is one of the Fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy. It the main fiend of the event Omega and the Azure Witch's Revenge, where it appears as the final enemy in every area.

At weaker strengths Omega will fight as-is. At medium strengths, Omega starts by casting Elemental Resist against all elements for one turn. At high strengths this is cast for three turns.

With each turn it will increase the energy it has on hand, from 0% to 20%, 50%, 99% and finally 100%. Once it reaches 100, it casts its Wave Cannon, which will likely kill your character. You can prevent this by Breaking it, which will return its energy to 0.


Name Effect
Defense System Activated Adds Elemental Resist for all elements, 1-3 turns
Attack normal Dark damage
Painja heavy Dark damage
Suppression Dark damage with stun effect
Slump reduce your Break Power
Wave Cannon extreme Dark damage


Region Area
Omega and the Azure Witch's Revenge All Locations