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Omega (Wind)
Omega Wind fight.jpg

Omega and The Azure Witch

Elements [WIND]
Enemy Size Boss
Drops Omega (Wind)(Card)
Rare Drop: Icon Crystal.png Crystal
A war construct built by an ancient civilization.
~ In-Game Description

[WIND] Omega (Wind) is one of the special boss fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy. It is main the foe of the Omega and The Azure Witch Battle Tower, where it appears as the final enemy in every area. Omega also appears as a "guest" boss in various other events.

A special version, the Guardian Omega Custom, is the Water boss for the Pleiades Lagoon, and has also appeared in the First Anniversary, Part 2. This version has a rare drop of a Icon Water Pneuma.png Water Pneuma, but otherwise acts the same.

With each turn it will increase the energy it has on hand, from 0% to 20%, 50%, 99% and finally 100%. Once it reaches 100, it casts its Wave Cannon, which will likely kill your character. You can prevent this by Breaking it, which will return its energy to 0.


Name Effect
Attack nomal Wind Damage
Slump Casts Slump (effect).png Slump for 2 turns (reduces your Break Power)
Scramble Elements Discards your Orbs
Suppression Wind damage, Stun (effect).png Stun for 2 actions
Aeroja heavy Wind Damage
Wave Cannon extreme Wind Damage


Event Area
Omega and The Azure Witch All areas.
Lightning Resurrection, Part 1 Central Bridge: Switch