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PSICOM Soldier
PSICOM Soldier fight.jpg

FFXIII: Lightning Resurrection, Part 1

Enemy Size Boss
Drops PSICOM Soldier - Heal (Card)
PSICOM Soldier - Water (Card)
PSICOM Soldier - Fire (Card)
A phantasmal soldier from Cocoon.
~ In-Game Description

'PSICOM Soldiers are the standard shock-troops used during the Final Fantasy XIII Collaboration Events. They typically come in packs of 2-4, and are often paired with Pantherons of similar or opposite element.

On their own, the Soldiers are not that dangerous, but in packs (and with their 2 actions per turn) they can overwhelm your health fairly quickly. Keep them under control with Breaks, or just kill them outright.

Name Ability
On Alert! Barrier (effect).pngBarrier for 13 turns, all enemies
(pre-emptive action)
Defensive Stance Barrier (effect).pngBarrier for 13 turns
Attack 4-strike normal damage
Brave Brave (effect).pngBrave for 3 turns
Fire / Stone / Aero / Blizzard normal magic damage

Event Regions[]