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A world of "hope unbound" where Wol finds himself, governed by unusual laws.

Besieged by Chaos and his forces, Palamecia's denizens seek refuge in areas where the Crown has its strongest influence, as well as in an ancient prophecy that foretells the coming of a mysterious savior, the Warrior of Light.

~ In-game description

Palamecia is the world in which Mobius Final Fantasy takes place. It is known as "the world of hope unbound".


  • During the Eclipse Contact event cutscenes, Cloud speaks of Palamecia as a "fairy tale". This may indicate that Palamecia is known to other worlds and is not just an isolated universe unto itself. Cloud repeats the "world of hope unbound" phrase, but whether this is due to previous knowledge or Vox's induction of him to Palamecia remains unknown.

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