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Pleiades Lagoon
Brave this archipelago to receive materials to augment and extend martial skills.
~ In-Game Description

Pleiades Lagoon is a permanent Region of the game. It can be accessed on the World Map, near the Chaos Vortex.

Pleiades Lagoon was released December 21st, 2016.


This region is a unique area, in that it has a restriction: you can only access one island group in this region, depending on the weekday. Purchasing a Pleiades Pass from the Item Shop will allow access to all islands for 24 hours. The exception is on Mobius Day when all players are given unlimited access to the region -- essentially a free 24-hour Pleiades Pass.

Current rotation

Day Element Starting Area
Monday [DARK]Dark Electra's Isle
Tuesday [FIRE]Fire Taygete's Isle
Wednesday [WATER]Water Alcyone's Isle
Thursday [LIGHT]Light Celaeno's Isle
Friday [WIND]Wind Sterope's Isle
Saturday [EARTH]Earth Merope's Isle
Sunday Seed crystal.pngCrystal Maia's Isle


Pleiades Lagoon map.jpg

This region has 22 areas, broken up into 7 groups of 3 islands each -- one for each element, plus a Icon Crystal.png Crystal group -- which allows one region to be open on each day of the week.

Every Area is a teleportation point, except for the initial "Pleiades Lagoon" landing point. However, like other regions, you will need to achieve victory over the "Boon" and "Shade" nodes for them to become teleportation points.

Each group has the same setup of 3 areas: an easier "Isle" area, a more difficult "Boon" area, and a very difficult "Shade" area.

  • Each progressive area requires more stamina and has harder fights, but offer better chances to obtain materials.
  • The maximum rewards per fight are 2 augment materials, plus one Fractal or Pneuma.
  • Instead of Pneuma, the crystal group drops Icon Crystal.png Crystals.
  • Every boss is able to cast Ruinga, a non elemental spell. Damage can only be reduced via Barrier (effect).pngBarrier and Curse (effect).png Curse.
Island Area Stamina Battles Enemies Rewards
Fire Island Taygete's Isle 25 3

Red Dragon
Idol Head
Shadow Dragon
Boss Fire.pngGuardian Azi Dahaka

Icon Fiery Gem.png Fiery Gem★2
Icon Molten Core.png Molten Core★3
Icon Shadowy Wing.png Shadowy Wing★3
Icon Fire Fractal 3.png Fire Fractal★3
Icon Fire Fractal 4.png Fire Fractal★4
Icon Fire Pneuma.png Fire Pneuma★4

Taygete's Boon 40 3
Taygete's Shade 60 3
Water Island Alcyone's Isle 25 3

Killer Mantis
Boss Water.pngGuardian Omega Custom

Icon Adaman Shell.png Adaman Shell★2
Icon Serrated Scythe.png Serrated Scythe★2
Icon Beast Horn.png Beast Horn★3
Icon Water Fractal 3.png Water Fractal★3
Icon Water Fractal 4.png Water Fractal★4
Icon Water Pneuma.png Water Pneuma★4

Alcyone's Boon 40 3
Alcyone's Shade 60 3
Wind Island Sterope's Isle 25 3

Ochu and Microchus
Boss Wind.pngGuardian Cockadrille

Icon Verdant Claw.png Verdant Claw★2
Icon Blighted Feelers.png Blighted Feelers★2
Icon Cursed Feather.png Cursed Feather★3
Icon Wildbloom.png Wildbloom★3
Icon Wind Fractal 3.png Wind Fractal★3
Icon Wind Fractal 4.png Wind Fractal★4
Icon Wind Pneuma.png Wind Pneuma★4

Sterope's Boon 40 3
Sterope's Shade 60 3
Earth Island Merope's Isle 25 3

Mighty Golem
Great Malboro
Boss Earth.pngGuardian Diamanterrapin

Icon Emet Stone.png Emet Stone★2
Icon Burning Stinger.png Burning Stinger★2
Icon Unliving Soul.png Unliving Soul★3
Icon Smelly Spines.png Smelly Spines★3
Icon Earth Fractal 3.png Earth Fractal★3
Icon Earth Fractal 4.png Earth Fractal★4
Icon Earth Pneuma.png Earth Pneuma★4

Merope's Boon 40 3
Merope's Shade 60 3
Light Island Celaeno's Isle 25 3

Hell Claw
Fire Shadow Blank
Water Shadow Blank
Light Shadow Blank
Boss Light.pngGilgamesh Prime

Icon Light Shard.png Light Shard★2
Icon Light Fragment.png Light Fragment★2
Icon Light Gem.png Light Gem★3
Icon Light Fractal 3.png Light Fractal★3
Icon Light Fractal 4.png Light Fractal★4
Icon Light Pneuma.png Light Pneuma★4

Celaeno's Boon 40 3
Celaeno's Shade 60 3
Dark Island Electra's Isle 25 3

Wind Shadow Blank
Earth Shadow Blank
Dark Shadow Blank
Boss Dark.pngDon Tonberry

Icon Dark Shard.png Dark Shard★2
Icon Dark Fragment.png Dark Fragment★2
Icon Dark Gem.png Dark Gem★3
Icon Dark Fractal 3.png Dark Fractal★3
Icon Dark Fractal 4.png Dark Fractal★4
Icon Dark Pneuma.png Dark Pneuma★4

Electra's Boon 40 3
Electra's Shade 60 3
Crystal Island Maia's Isle 25 3

Randomly pick from 2 boss above;
Boss crystal cactuar.pngCrystal Gigantuar

Randomly pick from rewards above (except for Pneumas);
Icon Crystal.png Crystal

Maia's Boon 40 3
Maia's Shade 60 3