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Prismatic Shift is an ability effect that changes all elemental orbs into prismatic orbs.

Prismatic orbs can be used for any element: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark, Life.

Prismatic Orb Prismatic Shift
Prismatic Orb.png Prismatic Shift.png

List of Prismatic Shift Abilities[]

Element Card Ability Orbs shifted
[LIFE] Aerith: FFVII Great Gospel All
[LIFE] Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon EVERY BUDDY! EVERY BUDDY! All
[LIFE] Gilgamesh Grape Gospel All
[LIFE] Rat: New Year's 2020 Cat Nip 4
[LIFE] Phoenix: FFVIII Flames of Rebirth All

Ultimate abilities[]

The following ultimate abilities add Prismatic Shift: