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Professor Alraune
Professor Alraune fight.jpg

The Cephalopod's Concoction

Elements [LIGHT]
Enemy Size large
Drops Professor Alraune (Card)
His students affectionately call him 'Teach'.
~ In-Game Description

[LIGHT] Professor Alraune is one of the event-only Fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy. It is larger version of the Alraune King, with a beard and top hair. and most noted for dropping the Ultimeh card Professor Alraune (Card).

Professor Alraune is naturally Immune to Stun (effect).pngImmune to Stun.


Name Effect
One Body, One Mind ? Pre-action - Looks like a power-up, but no labeled boons.
Alraune's Grace pre-action - Multi-strike [LIGHT] light damage.
Attack physical Fire Damage
Now which me...
Is the real me?
creates dupllicates of the Professor. Not as powerful as the first.

Event Regions[]