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Quicken (boon)
Adds actions to current turn.

Quicken (boon) is one of the boons in Mobius Final Fantasy. It adds actions to the current turn. It is the opposite of Prevent Action.

In MP 3*+, grants 3 actions or 5 actions when affected by haste

Wol's Abilities that cause Quicken (boon)[]

Card Name Ability Name Additional effects
Regalia: FFXV (Card) Supercharger -
Aerith: FFVII (Card) Great Gospel Adds Weakness Weapon (adds target's weakness element to normal attacks), Trance-All (boosts any job's stats) for 3 turns, Ultimate Charge, Quicken (adds actions to current turn), and Prismatic Shift.
Legendary Dragonlord (Card) High Tension Ultimate Charge
A Palamecian Tale (Card) The Long Journey Draws 4 element orbs.
Orphan: FFXIII (Card) Dies Irae Berserk and Wall
Garuda: FFXIV (Card) The Eye of the Storm Haste and Cleaving Attack

Fiend Abilities that cause Quicken (boon)[]

Fiend Name Ability Name Range Number of Turns