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Red Dragon
Red Dragon fight.jpg

Blank Slate

Elements [FIRE]
Enemy Size Boss
Drops Red Dragon (Card)
Icon Fiery Gem.png Fiery Gem★2
Icon Broken Scale.png Broken Scale (Silent Ruins only)
A great fire dragon. Legend says its lair is full of priceless treasure.
~ In-Game Description

Red Dragon is one of the Fiends in Mobius Final Fantasy. It first appears in Chapter 1: Blank Slate.

This is one of the prime elemental fiends, and is the only source for Icon Fiery Gem.png Fiery Gem★2s. As such, it frequently appears in mainline story areas and in Battle Tower events.


Name Effect
Attack Fire Damage
Trample Major Fire Damage
Reaper Major Fire Damage
Barrier Barrier (effect).pngBarrier for 1 turn
Faith Faith (effect).pngFaith for 4 turns
Temperature Raising... Charging for Flame Breath
Flame Breath Extreme Fire Damage


Region Areas
Chapter 1: Blank Slate * Runic Temple Basement

Wandering Boss:

Chapter 2: Hope and Prophecy Adept Arena
Chapter 3: Chaos and the Crown, Part 1
  • Fire Palisade
  • Fire Front
Chapter 4 Prologue: A New Light Fire Trial 3
First Exploration: Silent Ruins Wandering Boss:
Second Exploration: Hunter Islands Wandering Boss:
Pleiades Lagoon
Yggdrasil: Materials Fiery Gems